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Judge Rejects Trump’s Attempt to Delay E. Jean Carroll Defamation Trial

A federal judge in the Southern District of New York has dismissed the latest request from former President Donald Trump’s legal team to delay the trial in the defamation lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan termed the request “frivolous” in a strongly worded opinion issued on Friday.

The defamation lawsuit was filed by E. Jean Carroll in response to Trump’s denial of her accusation that he raped her in a New York department store in the 1990s. Trump’s legal team had sought a delay in the trial while they appealed a ruling issued by Kaplan in December.

The ruling denied their request for a summary judgment to dismiss the case, based on the argument that Trump’s 2019 remarks about Carroll were protected by “absolute presidential immunity.”

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Carroll’s complaint alleges that Trump’s denial of her accusation was false and made with reckless disregard for the truth. Earlier this year, a New York civil case jury awarded Carroll $5 million in damages, finding Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation in connection with the incident.

In his recent ruling, Judge Kaplan rejected Trump’s attempt to delay the trial, stating that his legal team had not provided sufficient reason for the court to believe that their appeal seeking presidential immunity was likely to succeed.

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The judge emphasized that Trump’s multiple requests for delays seemed to be an effort to unduly prolong the resolution of the case without a strong basis for doing so.

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