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Judge Rules in Favor of 7 Massachusetts State Troopers Who Lost Jobs Over Refusing COVID19 Vaccine

A legal battle between seven Massachusetts State Troopers and the state’s government has resulted in a victory for the troopers, as they will be reinstated to their jobs and receive back pay. An independent arbitrator found that the state police violated the troopers’ rights to anti-discrimination and affirmative action by not providing reasonable accommodations to their sincerely held religious beliefs regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Background of the Case

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The legal dispute began when Massachusetts’ Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order in October 2021, mandating that all executive branch employees provide proof of vaccination by October 2021 or face disciplinary action, including possible termination. In April 2022, eleven State Troopers and one sergeant were fired due to their refusal to get vaccinated.

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Arbitrator’s Ruling

Following the lengthy and grueling grievance and arbitration process, the independent arbitrator ruled in favor of the troopers on Friday. As a result, the seven state troopers will be reinstated and awarded their full seniority rights and benefits, with the exception of any interim earnings and/or unemployment compensation.

Association President’s Remarks

The President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, Patrick McNamara, condemned Governor Baker’s executive order, describing it as an “attack on organized labor and the rights of our members.” He expressed pride in informing the troopers about their reinstatement, stating that the association has been committed to making them whole.

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Governor’s Response

Governor Baker’s administration has been criticized for refusing to listen or work with the State Police Association during the legal battle. The association accuses the administration of disregarding the troopers’ religious convictions.

No Immediate Comment from Massachusetts State Police

As of now, the Massachusetts State Police have not provided an official response to the recent ruling in favor of the seven troopers.

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