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Julianna Margulies Expresses Regret for Insensitive Remarks Towards Black and LGBTQ Palestine Supporters

In a recent statement, Julianna Margulies has offered her sincere apologies for the offensive comments she made concerning Black and LGBTQ supporters of Palestine. Margulies holds deep love and respect for these communities and feels horrified by the fact that her words caused offense.

She wants to make it undeniably clear that she stands firmly against racism, homophobia, sexism, or any form of prejudice against personal beliefs or identity. Throughout her career, she has tirelessly fought against hatred in all its forms, including antisemitism, terrorist groups like Hamas, and discrimination.

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Margulies did not intend to further divide with her words and deeply regrets any damage caused.

The remarks were made during Margulies’ appearance on a popular podcast called, “The Back Room,” on November 21. The discussion revolved around American reactions to the Israel-Hamas war, leading Margulies to express her frustration towards Black and LGBTQ individuals who had spoken out against Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

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Margulies referenced an incident involving a student group called Lion Lez at Columbia University, which reportedly displayed signs stating “no Jews allowed.” However, her tone and choice of words were highly offensive and derogatory.

Margulies suggested that she found the incident more insulting as a lesbian than as a Jew. She further belittled these individuals, stating that they were lower than Jews because of their race and sexual orientation.

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Margulies and Ostroy also discussed the prioritization of issues such as pronouns on college campuses over the Hamas attacks.

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In her statement, Margulies also highlighted her past support for Black communities, emphasizing her participation in marches for Black Lives Matter and her solidarity with the Black community during the tragic death of George Floyd.

She expressed disappointment that the entire Black community does not appear to be standing with the Jewish community, attributing this lack of support either to lack of knowledge or potential manipulation and indoctrination.

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