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Justin Trudeau Worried About Trump’s Potential Return to Office

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has voiced concerns about the uncertainty a second term for former President Donald Trump could bring. He emphasized this during a Cabinet retreat in Montreal, focusing on the 2024 presidential election.

Cabinet Discussions

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The Cabinet’s discussions were centered around preparing a strategy to handle Trump’s possible return. Trudeau highlighted the unpredictability Trump represents for Canada-U.S. relations.

Reflecting on Past Experiences

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Trudeau recalled managing Trump’s first term by emphasizing the mutual economic benefits of a strong alliance. “We made it through the challenges represented by the Trump administration,” he noted.

Uncertainty in Diplomacy

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“We don’t know exactly what he is going to do,” Trudeau said, acknowledging the unpredictability of Trump’s potential policies. This statement underscores the challenges of diplomatic relations with Trump’s administration.

Expert Briefings

During the retreat, the Canadian Cabinet was briefed by Ambassador Kirsten Hillman and a panel of experts. These briefings aimed to prepare Canada for any policy shifts under Trump.

Economic Perspectives

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Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association in Canada, also contributed to the discussion. His insights were vital in understanding the economic implications of Trump’s potential presidency.

Trade Policy Concerns

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Trump’s previous tenure saw tensions in U.S.-Canadian relations, especially over his isolationist trade policies. These included tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

Diplomatic Strains

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The relationship further deteriorated with Trump’s harsh comments about Trudeau. Trump labeled Trudeau as “weak” and “dishonest” during his presidency.

The Capitol Attack

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Trudeau’s restrained approach to Trump shifted following the January 6 Capitol attack. He condemned the violence and pointed to Trump’s role in inciting it.

A Direct Condemnation

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“What we witnessed was an assault on democracy,” Trudeau stated. He blamed the rioters’ violence on incitement by Trump and other politicians.

Canadian Public’s View

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A poll revealed that many Canadians are worried about the future of U.S. democracy. Concerns about democracy not surviving another Trump term were particularly pronounced.

Authoritarian Fears

Credit: Vitezslav Vylicil from Getty Images

Nearly 50 percent of Canadians believe the U.S. is moving towards authoritarianism. This sentiment reflects deep concerns about Trump’s leadership style.

Election Forecasts

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As the 2024 election season progresses, Trudeau’s comments gain relevance. Trump’s lead in the New Hampshire primary polls is a key indicator of his potential candidacy.

Polling Insights

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According to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, Trump is significantly ahead of Nikki Haley in the GOP New Hampshire primary. This lead is consistent with national trends.

Preparing for the Future

Trudeau’s government is proactively preparing for a potential Trump presidency. This preparation underscores Canada’s commitment to maintaining a stable relationship with the U.S., despite potential political shifts.

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