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Kamala Harris cannot stop hysterically laughing during swearing-in ceremony

The United States Vice President Kamala Harris is known for her distinctive laugh. It has become a recurring theme in her public appearances to the extent that it is almost expected now.

No deviation from this pattern was observed earlier this week, as Harris engaged in a somewhat awkward bout of laughter during a significant event.

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Kamala Harris’ signature laugh ‘resonates’ at Bernstein’s swearing-In

Vice President Harris was at the center of attention as she swore in Jared Bernstein to the esteemed position of the chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.

“Congratulations, Chairman! Congratulations.” were Harris’s words of commendation to Bernstein. As the room absorbed the moment, Harris, almost on cue, added, “This is when we applaud.”

The room filled with the sound of applause, but it was Harris’s signature cackle that resonated the most.


Bernstein’s timely assumption of office

Jared Bernstein, a seasoned economist and longtime advisor to President Joe Biden, has a critical role in advising the President on economic policy.

His appointment comes when the United States navigates the turbulent waters of economic recovery in the post-pandemic era. The importance of his role cannot be overstated.

Harris’s abrupt exist fuels concerns about admin’s transparency

However, the event was marred by the Vice President’s abrupt departure following the swearing-in ceremony.

She did not pause for questions from the journalists gathered to cover the event, fueling the already simmering concerns about the current administration’s transparency.

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White House cocaine scandal intensifies transparency demands

Credits: DepositPhotos

Adding to this sentiment are the ongoing rumors around an alleged cocaine scandal in the White House.

The Biden-Harris administration has been accused of not providing enough information regarding an incident in which cocaine was reportedly found within the premises of the White House during the weekend before the 4th of July.


White House remains silent on cocaine scandal culprit

The White House, despite being one of the most heavily surveilled properties globally, has not revealed any information about the person or persons responsible for the incident.

The silence from the President and Vice President amidst these allegations is leading many to question their commitment to transparency.

White House shuts out ‘mainstream press’ in cocaine scandal

Even members of the mainstream press, traditionally afforded access to the White House’s inner workings, appear to be left out in the cold.

This exclusion has led to suspicions that the administration is in damage-control mode.

Biden-Harris Administration’s response to scandal under scrutiny

The Biden-Harris administration’s silence on these allegations, combined with their seeming evasion of the press, has caused some observers to label it the least transparent administration in recent times.

As the nation grapples with multiple crises, the demand for transparency from the White House is increasing, and the administration’s future actions will significantly impact public perception.

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Biden admin’s transparency still in question in cocaine scandal

While Vice President Harris’s laughter has become a talking point in public discourse, the current administration’s apparent lack of transparency is the more pressing issue.

As the cocaine scandal unfolds, the administration’s willingness or unwillingness to engage with the press will inevitably shape its legacy.


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