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Kamala Harris Plans ‘Grassroots Reception’ on Upscale Martha’s Vineyard

Vice President Kamala Harris is gearing up to host what is being called a “grassroots reception” on Martha’s Vineyard, a renowned Massachusetts island frequented by the affluent.

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This event is part of the Biden-Harris re-election campaign and offers ticket prices spanning from $50 to $10,000. The fundraiser is organized by the Biden Victory Fund and will be attended by notable figures, including a bank executive, a former Obama official, a political consultant, and actor Wendell Pierce.

Despite the label of a “grassroots reception,” the event’s ticket pricing and well-connected hosts raise skepticism about its grassroots nature.

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Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

Precise details regarding the event, such as its exact timing and venue, have not been disclosed.

The expenses for this event are covered by a joint fundraising committee authorized by Biden for President, the Democratic National Committee, and several state Democratic parties.

This upcoming occasion follows Vice President Harris’ previous campaign-related visit to the island in August.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Harris’ sister, Maya Lakshmi Harris, owns a residence on Martha’s Vineyard.

The island’s reputation as a destination for the well-off has led to scrutiny and interest from various political circles.

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