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Kellogg’s and LGBTQ+ Activism: Tony the Tiger’s Controversial Spotlight

Headlining The Tony Awards’ Glitzy Affair!

Let’s set the stage, folks! Sunday was a hoot for our beloved Tony the Tiger, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal mascot. Tony showed his stripes, gracing the magenta carpet at the Tony Awards with the flamboyant transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney.

The setting? The grand United Palace theater in New York City. But the real action kicked off when Tony surprised Mulvaney mid-photo shoot, prompting a gasp and a stumble from the influencer!

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Grrrr-owing Concerns Over A Possible Brand Partnership?

Tony the Tiger and Dylan Mulvaney arm in arm, posing for the cameras. A cute picture? Sure. But it got people wondering if Kellogg was about to hop on the brand partnership bandwagon. Was there a Tony-Dylan collab in the works?

Laura Newman, Kellogg’s Senior Director of Brand Marketing, made sure to put in her two cents, saying, “Tony is thrilled to celebrate all the amazing talent and present them with a new ‘Tony’ moment after the curtain falls.” She added that Tony would be presenting gold bowls filled with Frosted Flakes, but didn’t comment on any potential brand partnerships.

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Conservatives Aren’t Having It!

Did you think conservatives would let this slide? Oh, you’re in for a surprise! From the moment Tony the Tiger made his red carpet appearance with Mulvaney, conservatives began rallying for a boycott of the Kellogg Company. And boy, did they make their feelings known on social media!

As one conservative Twitter user said, “You associate with Dylan Mulvaney and you’re done with me.” It was all down to one phrase on the internet: “GO WOKE, GO BROKE.”

Kellogg’s History with LGBTQ+ Activism

Credit: DepositPhotos

Let’s rewind a bit. This isn’t the first time Kellogg has been all in for the LGBTQ+ community. Remember when they joined forces with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in 2021? They went all out, even releasing a “Together with Pride” cereal. 

Mulvaney: A Controversial Figure?

Mulvaney, the influencer in question, isn’t a stranger to controversy either. An earlier partnership with Bud Light caused quite a stir, and not in a good way. It led to a significant boycott of the beer brand, with sales taking a nosedive by more than 20%.

So, What’s Your Take?

In a world where going woke can make or break a brand, what’s your take on this controversial Tony-Mulvaney moment? Could a boycott of Kellogg’s be in the future? Is it time for brands to pick sides, or should they stay out of the culture war entirely?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment, share, and let’s keep this conversation going!

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