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Kelly Osbourne’s Candid Revelation: Battling ‘Fat-Shaming’ During Pregnancy

Kelly Osbourne, the 38-year-old television personality, admitted to “hiding” during her entire pregnancy with son Sidney due to her fear of being “fat-shamed.” The reality star, who welcomed her first child with boyfriend Sid Wilson in early January, spoke openly about her concerns after sharing photos on Instagram.

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The Weight Loss Journey

Credit: DepositPhotos

Addressing questions about her appearance, Osbourne revealed that she had undergone weight loss surgery a few years ago, leading to significant changes in her life. While some may not approve of her decision, she expressed that it was one of the best choices she ever made.

Embracing Motherhood

Osbourne’s journey to motherhood was met with excitement and joy. She announced her pregnancy in May last year and became a mother to Sidney in early 202Her mother, Sharon Osbourne, proudly shared the news and gushed about Kelly’s newfound role.

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A Peek at Motherhood

Recently, Kelly gave a glimpse of baby Sidney on Instagram, expressing her new-found respect for working mothers. She shared the challenges of leaving her baby for work and eagerly looked forward to reuniting with him.

In conclusion, Kelly Osbourne bravely opened up about her struggles with body image and the impact it had on her pregnancy journey. Despite the criticism she faced in the past, she remains proud of her choices and embraces the joys of motherhood with love and excitement.

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