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Kellyanne Conway Highlights Mainstream Media Concerns About Biden’s Potential Loss to Trump

Kellyanne Conway, former senior adviser to President Trump, discussed the mainstream media’s growing worries about President Biden potentially losing to Donald Trump in the next election. Conway argued that cracks are starting to show in the media’s coverage of Biden, citing his treatment of reporters and negative attributes that are being picked up on. She also suggested that the media’s own polling, which indicates some Democrats exploring alternatives to Biden, has led them to hedge their bets and keep the possibility of someone else in contention.

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Concerns About Biden’s Treatment of Reporters

Conway emphasized that the Biden administration and White House have not been generous toward the mainstream media. She claimed that they do not provide them with stories or the truth, and highlighted instances where President Biden has been seen yelling at members of the media and exhibiting unseemly behavior. Conway also mentioned concerns about Biden’s handling of the nation’s economy and allegations of covering up for his son and family, which have contributed to negative portrayals of the president.

Media’s Worry About Trump’s Potential Return

Photo Credit: @real_kellyanneconway on Instagram

Conway pointed out that the media is deeply worried about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president again. She suggested that some members of the media are cautious about being on the wrong side of Trump, given their previous experiences and inability to understand him or his supporters. The media’s concerns about a Trump presidency again have influenced their coverage and their desire to keep alternative options open.

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Public Opinion on Biden’s Economic Handling

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center revealed that Americans are skeptical of President Biden’s ability to handle economic issues, with only 33% approval. Similarly, the poll indicated low approval ratings for Biden on topics such as guns and immigration. Although Biden’s overall approval rating has slightly increased compared to earlier this year, it remains at 40%.


Kellyanne Conway highlighted the mainstream media’s concerns about President Biden’s potential loss to Donald Trump in the next election. She emphasized the media’s growing criticisms of Biden and their worries about his treatment of reporters. Conway also discussed the media’s caution regarding a Trump presidency, given their past experiences and struggles to understand Trump and his supporters. Additionally, public opinion polls indicate skepticism about Biden’s handling of economic issues and other key topics.

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