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Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Appears in Court as Judge Addresses Child Support Agreement

Christine Baumgartner, the estranged wife of actor Kevin Costner, recently appeared in a Santa Barbara courtroom as a judge ruled on a tentative child support agreement for their three children. This development comes after Baumgartner filed for divorce from the “Yellowstone” star in May, marking the end of their 18-year marriage. In this article, we explore the court proceedings, the child support ruling, and the ongoing divorce process between the couple.

Child Support Agreement

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During the court hearing, it was determined that Kevin Costner would pay Christine Baumgartner $129,755 per month in child support for their three children. This amount was reached after Baumgartner initially requested $248,000 monthly or, alternatively, the guideline rate of $217,300 per month. Costner had initially offered $51,940 per month. The judge also mandated that both parents contribute equally to their children’s healthcare expenses, as well as their sports and extracurricular activities.

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Courtroom Proceedings

Christine Baumgartner attended the court session, donning a black cardigan, a silky blue blouse, and black slacks. Her legal team, including attorneys John Rydell and Marisa K. Beuoy, represented her in court. Costner’s representatives, Laura Wasser and Jacqueline Misho, appeared on behalf of the actor, who was absent due to a vacation with his children.

Discussion on Trial Dates and Pre-Marital Agreement

During the proceedings, John Rydell proposed combining the already established November trial dates concerning the validity of the pre-marital agreement (PMA) with the ongoing child support dispute. However, Jacqueline Misho argued that the PMA issue and the child support arrangements did not coincide. The judge, Thomas Anderle, expressed his unavailability to add additional trial dates to his current workload but assured the parties that he would explore options for scheduling the hearing.

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Financial Details and Future Hearings

As part of the child support ruling, Costner will be responsible for paying $200,000 in attorney’s fees and $100,000 in forensic costs. Payments will be made on the first of each month, with credit for amounts paid between July 1 and July 12. The court set the next hearing for August 2, during which the judge may provide more information about his calendar availability.


The court proceedings involving Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner shed light on the child support agreement for their three children. Despite their ongoing divorce, both parties appeared in court to address the financial aspects related to their separation. As the legal process continues, the next hearing will provide further clarity on the trial dates and the resolution of the pre-marital agreement dispute.

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