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Kevin Morris and Hunter Biden: More Than Meets the Eye

Kevin Morris, who provides legal advice and support to Hunter Biden, was recently seen using a bong on the terrace of his residence in Malibu, California, during a visit from the president’s son. Morris was in clear view of the public street, and while Hunter Biden was present in the house, he wasn’t on the terrace when the photographs were taken.

Credit: DepositPhotos

The Substance in Question

Although it remains uncertain what Morris was consuming, it’s worth noting that recreational marijuana use is permissible in California.

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Recent Developments with Hunter Biden

On another note, Hunter’s recent trip to Morris’ residence coincided with the unveiling of an FBI document. This release throws light on allegations suggesting both Hunter and President Biden might have pressured Burisma CEO, Mykola Zlochevsky, for millions of dollars. This monetary demand was supposedly in exchange for their assistance in dismissing a Ukrainian prosecutor looking into the company.

Morris: The “Sugar Brother”

Morris, a recognized attorney in Hollywood, has become increasingly influential in Hunter’s life. This involvement has led many to refer to him as Hunter’s “sugar brother.” Morris’ contributions span various domains, including financial aid, co-authoring a book, and even lending his private jet. For instance, Hunter once used Morris’ luxurious private jet for a court appearance related to child support in Arkansas. The costs incurred for this trip were significant, roughly aligning with half a year’s worth of Hunter’s child-support expenses.

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Connections Beyond Legal Advice

The New York Post has noted numerous flights between Los Angeles and Fayetteville, Arkansas. These trips are believed to be connected to Hunter’s financial consultant, Edward Prewitt. Morris’ involvement with Hunter also extends to allegedly covering a portion of his living costs, loaning substantial sums to address Hunter’s pending tax dues, and guiding him through various legal challenges. Morris has been actively involved in Hunter’s business decisions, including managing significant assets. One of the more prominent assets under Morris’ control is Hunter’s stake in the Chinese firm, BHR Partners. 

Tales of Redemption and Controversy

Additionally, Morris played a part in the completion of Hunter’s 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things”, which provides a detailed account of his struggles with addiction. Morris has also been associated with a documentary expected to depict Hunter’s journey to recovery while showcasing the criticism he faced from conservative factions.

Film Set Intrigues

Interestingly, Morris was reportedly involved in an incident on the sets of “My Son Hunter”, a film offering a fictional account of Hunter’s life. Reports suggest that Morris, under the guise of shooting a documentary, accessed the film set without disclosing his ties to Hunter. This revelation later led to criticisms of Morris’ professional conduct.

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