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Kevin Spacey Celebrates Acquittal at London Hotspot

Kevin Spacey, the Oscar-winning actor, celebrated his legal victory at the Groucho Club, a private members spot in Soho, London, after being found not guilty of sexual assault charges involving four men. Spacey sipped whiskey with about seven friends and was described as looking “very proud” during the celebration.

The Celebratory Evening

Credit: DepositPhotos

Sporting a “be kind” button on his backpack, Spacey spent the evening nursing a whiskey, and although no “Happy Birthday” was sung, everyone seemed to be in good spirits as they marked his 64th birthday.

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Thanks to Supportive Friends

Spacey thanked his friends, especially his long-time pal and manager Evan Lowenstein, for sticking by him during the trial. After leaving the club around midnight in the rain, the actor shielded himself with an umbrella.

Acquittal on Sexual Assault Charges

Tears rolled down Spacey’s cheeks when the final “not guilty” verdict was read in the courtroom. He expressed feeling “humbled” by the outcome. The charges against him involved allegations of assaults on four men over a span of 20 years. Spacey testified during the trial, acknowledging being a “big flirt” and having consensual encounters with men but denying the sexual assault allegations.

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Defense’s Argument

Defense lawyer Patrick Gibbs accused three of the men of lying and reimagining their encounters with a sinister spin. He suggested that they hopped on the #MeToo “bandwagon” with hopes of gaining financial benefits.

Spacey’s Future in Hollywood

Despite being acquitted, it is uncertain if Kevin Spacey will be welcomed back in Hollywood. The actor may face challenges in his career even after the legal victory.

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