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Kirk Cameron Criticizes ‘Wokeism’ and Trans Activism, Advocates for Humility Over Pride

Actor-Writers Addresses Controversial Trans Activist Incident, Calls for Values-based Education for Children

Actor-writer Kirk Cameron recently made critical remarks about “wokeism” and trans activism in an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.” His comments followed an incident involving transgender activist Rose Montoya, who partially disrobed at a White House “Pride Month” celebration.

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Cameron Condemns White House Incident, Calls it ‘Immorality and Disrespect’

Cameron strongly criticized the actions of Montoya, calling the incident “immorality and disrespect.” The actor asserted that involving children in such activities was criminal. He emphasized the need for parents to protect their children from what he described as immoral influences.

Cameron Advocates for Humility over Pride, Criticizes Biden’s Flag Protocol Violation

Cameron, a father of six, has been traveling across the country to deliver pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-country messages at public libraries. During his book events, attendees pray, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and sing the national anthem. 

The actor pointed out that President Biden had violated U.S. flag protocol by raising the Pride flag. He contrasted this with George Washington’s raising of the “humility flag” during his presidency.

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Cameron’s Children’s Books Encourage Humility and Warn Against Pride

Cameron has written children’s books to encourage humility and warn against pride. His latest book, “Pride Comes Before the Fall,” follows the previously published “As You Grow,” both released by Brave Books. Cameron emphasized the importance of teaching children about humility and warned against the dangers of pride.

Cameron Criticizes Trans Agenda, Calls for Parents to Protect Children

Cameron denounced today’s trans agenda, suggesting that public schools had become places of indoctrination for children. He urged parents to “rescue their kids from this corrupt cult” before they were influenced by “wokeism.”

Actor Calls for a Return to Liberty, Criticizes Misinterpretation of Freedom

Cameron suggested that society had confused the concepts of freedom and liberty. To him, freedom had been misconstrued as a license to behave in any manner, while liberty, as understood by the Founding Fathers, meant the freedom to do what was right. He called for a return to this understanding of liberty.

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