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Koch Brothers Network Backs Nikki Haley’s Campaign for Presidency

Americans for Prosperity Action, the political arm of the Koch Brothers’ fiscally conservative network, is starting a new phase in its substantial advertising and grassroots effort. This initiative supports Nikki Haley’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination. 

Multistate Ad Campaign for Haley 

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The advertising campaign, first revealed to Fox News, includes mailers, digital ads, and connected TV spots. These ads are targeting early voting states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, as well as several Super Tuesday states. 

Significant Financial Backing for Haley 

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AFP Action, having pledged tens of millions of dollars, is now investing an initial $27 million into this new phase. Their goal is to propel the Republican Party beyond the influence of former President Donald Trump, with Haley as their endorsed candidate. 

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Ad Campaign Critiques Trump 

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The group’s advertising campaign strongly critiques Trump. It highlights polls showing Trump as a weaker candidate against Joe Biden compared to Haley. 

Haley vs. DeSantis: Intensifying Rivalry 

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A recent surge in polls shows Haley potentially outperforming President Biden more significantly than Trump could in hypothetical election matchups. This development intensifies her rivalry with other Republican contenders. 

Haley’s Growing Electoral Appeal 

Credit: Bidenomics Explained / NerdWallet

According to AFP Action’s ads, Haley is seen as a stronger candidate against Biden. The ads emphasize her advantages in swing states and tout her as a “proven conservative fighter.” 

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Trump’s Continued Dominance in GOP 

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Despite these efforts, Trump remains the leading figure in the Republican presidential nomination race. His unprecedented indictments have, paradoxically, strengthened his support base. 

Haley Gains Momentum in Polls 

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Haley has been gaining traction, catching up to Ron DeSantis in national surveys and even surpassing him in New Hampshire. She also narrows the gap with Trump in key states, signaling her rising popularity. 

AFP Action Boosts Haley’s Campaign 

Credit: Nikki Haley (© AP Images)

The endorsement from AFP Action has significantly bolstered Haley’s campaign. It provides her with grassroots outreach and organizational strength comparable to that enjoyed by DeSantis, thanks to his supporting super PAC. 

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Haley Refutes Running Mate Speculation 

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Haley actively disputes claims that she might be aiming to be Trump’s running mate. She emphasizes her independent campaign strategy in recent public appearances. 

AFP Action’s Extensive Campaign Efforts 

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In the 2022 midterm elections, AFP Action demonstrated its substantial outreach capabilities. They engaged in extensive door-knocking, phone calls, and mail campaigns for their supported candidates. 

Electability as Haley’s Key Argument 

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AFP Action’s new campaign echoes Haley’s own emphasis on electability against Joe Biden. This message has been a central theme in her campaign speeches and is highlighted in supporting super PAC advertisements. 

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Trump’s Camp Responds to AFP Action’s Efforts 

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Despite these efforts, Trump’s political team remains confident. They assert that Trump’s connection with voters is unbreakable and that no amount of financial investment can weaken it. 

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