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Koch Network Officially Backs Nikki Haley for GOP Primary, Gaining Nationwide Support

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the political arm of the influential Koch network, has announced its formal endorsement of Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign. The organization pledges its support to help Haley defeat former President Donald Trump in the GOP primary contest, utilizing its nationwide coalition of activists and extensive funds.

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In a memo released by AFP President and CEO Emily Seidel, she expresses pride in supporting Haley, believing that she offers America an opportunity to move past the current political era, secure the Republican primary, and defeat Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

Seidel also emphasizes that Haley possesses the leadership qualities necessary to address the country’s greatest challenges and ensure a prosperous future. AFP’s grassroots and data capabilities make it the most suitable organization to assist Haley in achieving these goals.

One of the significant advantages of this endorsement is addressing a strategic weakness of Haley’s campaign. Despite gaining momentum in recent months, particularly in early primary states, her lack of significant ground resources remained a concern in terms of mobilizing supporters to vote.

Now, with the support of the Koch network, known for its effective conservative grassroots organization and network of paid activists and volunteers, Haley gains substantial organizational strength.

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During the summer and fall, AFP activists had direct communication with 6 million primary voters, either in person or over the phone. This endorsement deals a blow to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who championed conservative priorities in the state but struggled to establish himself as the clear alternative to Trump in the 2024 GOP primary contest.

However, it remains uncertain whether this endorsement can weaken Trump’s hold on the Republican presidential nomination, as he currently leads over both DeSantis and Haley in various polls.

The Koch network began running ads across Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina earlier this year, raising doubts about Trump’s electability in the general election against Biden.

However, despite these efforts, Trump continues to maintain a clear lead in the race. Seidel reveals that AFP will redirect its efforts towards boosting Haley’s primary and general election campaigns through strategic advertising investments, mailers, and voter contacts.

Additionally, they will focus on persuading reliable general election voters, who typically abstain from voting in primaries, to support Haley in this year’s nomination contests.

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The Haley endorsement prompted a dismissive response from Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung, who referred to Americans for Prosperity as “the political arm of the China-first, America-last movement.” Cheung believes that no amount of funding from various sources will deter the “MAGA movement” or prevent Trump from securing the Republican nomination and defeating Biden.

This criticism reflects the longstanding feud between the Koch network and Trump, with the former refusing to support his re-election campaign due to policy differences and concerns about his divisive leadership style.

News of the endorsement had an immediate impact in the political realm, with Utah Senator Mitt Romney predicting that it would provide a significant boost to Haley’s campaign. Romney, a vocal Trump critic, commends Haley for proving critics wrong in the past and expects her to do so again.

On the other hand, the DeSantis camp expressed displeasure with the Koch endorsement, equating it to supporting the Trump campaign. They argue that every dollar spent on Haley should be considered an in-kind contribution to Trump and assert that DeSantis has a stronger track record in defying the establishment.

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The Koch network remains confident that Haley is better positioned to defeat both Trump and Biden compared to DeSantis. In a polling memo, senior adviser Michael Palmer highlights Haley’s sustained momentum in recent months and points out that many primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are just beginning to focus on the contest.

Seidel reiterates that DeSantis has been an exceptional leader of Florida but emphasizes that the evidence supports Haley as the strongest candidate in the race.

In response, Haley expresses her gratitude for the support of Americans for Prosperity and its millions of grassroots members across the country. She believes that this election represents a choice between freedom and socialism, individual liberty and big government, and fiscal responsibility and mounting debt. Haley is determined to save the country and appreciates having AFP Action by her side.

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