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Las Vegas School Janitor Faces Sex Trafficking Charges for Allegedly Exploiting Missing Woman

A Las Vegas school custodian, Rayshod Arberry, has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking for allegedly exploiting a woman who was reported missing in July. Arberry, 33, had been working for the Clark County School District for six years prior to his arrest.

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According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the woman approached them on August 1 and claimed that she had worked as a prostitute for Arberry. She stated that she had met him while she was homeless and that he had her go on dates with clients, collecting money from these encounters and giving it to him.

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The woman had gone missing in July but had left Arberry’s arrangement by the time she approached the police. Investigators located and arrested Arberry at his apartment, where he denied engaging in pimping activities.

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However, his language during the investigation matched that commonly used in the sex trafficking world. Authorities obtained consent to search Arberry’s phone and reportedly found messages between him and women that contradicted his claim of not being involved in pimping.

Despite his arrest, Arberry has been released on a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on November 14, 2023. Arberry’s case highlights the serious issue of sex trafficking and exploitation, shedding light on the vulnerability of individuals who may find themselves trapped in such situations.

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