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Lawsuit Filed After Disneyland Security Dog Allegedly Attacks 81-Year-Old Grandfather

Paul Perez, an 81-year-old resident of Nevada, has taken legal action against Disneyland following an incident in 2022 where he claims a security dog attacked him during his visit to the theme park.

The lawsuit, filed on August 2nd, accuses Disneyland of negligence in handling their security dog.

Perez alleges that during his visit to the park on May 10, 2022, a security dog bit him in the stomach at the park’s entrance.

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According to the lawsuit, the dog’s handler caused the dog to be positioned directly in front of Perez, resulting in the alleged attack.

The suit seeks compensation for damages incurred by Perez, including medical treatment, pain, suffering, and emotional distress caused by the incident.

Disneyland’s security team includes K-9 units that patrol the entrances and gates of the theme park.

The park’s website acknowledges the presence of these security measures.

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Perez’s attorney, Ian Pancer, stated that his client suffered multiple lacerations to his stomach as a result of the alleged attack.

According to Pancer, Perez was visiting Disneyland with his family when the incident occurred.

The dog’s sudden appearance reportedly caught Perez off guard due to his age, and he was unable to avoid contact with the dog, resulting in the injury.

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As the legal proceedings unfold, Disneyland has yet to provide an official comment on the matter.

The lawsuit highlights the importance of ensuring safety measures, particularly when it involves interactions between visitors and security animals within the park premises..

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