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Left-Wing Late Night Hosts Vanish for 3 Months, Audience Shrinks Unnoticed

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and other left-leaning late-night hosts have been absent from our screens since May.

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Surprisingly, their prolonged absence seems to have gone largely unnoticed.

With their shows on hold due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes, late-night favorites like “The Late Show,” “The Tonight Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and others have resorted to airing reruns.

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However, it appears that their impact and influence have waned considerably.

Political satirist Tim Young suggests that their attempts to create humorous news-based monologues, often focused on Trump, became tiresome and uninteresting to the public.

Consequently, these late-night shows found themselves rarely covered by entertainment news outlets.

The decline in viewership over the years is evident, with Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, and Meyers losing significant portions of their audiences.

Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld on Fox News continues to attract around two million viewers, outperforming the late-night big names.

The shows’ divisive nature and insularity have contributed to their decline.

For most Americans outside the elite circles, the absence of these shows went largely unnoticed, and the reruns failed to garner significant viewership.

While these late-night programs have been sustained in part by pay TV arrangements, the future may not be as promising for them.

Their reliance on affirmative action in the industry might face challenges, and ad revenue alone might not suffice to sustain their current status.

In contrast, classic shows like Johnny Carson’s continue to thrive on merit, even in free streaming outlets like Pluto.

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