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Legal Experts Criticize Judge’s Decision To Disallow Sealed or Redacted Filings in Trump Documents Case

Criticism has emerged regarding Judge Aileen Cannon’s handling of documents related to Donald Trump’s case involving classified materials.

Concerns have been that the judge’s prior order had unintentionally created a “shadow docket” to manage redacted or sealed filings connected to the high-profile legal proceedings.

Judge’s Ruling on Document Disclosure

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Judge Aileen Cannon issued a ruling on February 6, mandating that all filings related to Trump’s case must be shared with opposing counsel and herself before appearing on the public docket in Florida.

This decision aimed to enhance transparency but has raised questions about its implications.

Discussion on ‘Shadow Docket’

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During a segment on the JACK: A Special Counsel Podcast, hosts Alison Gill and Andrew McCabe discussed the implications of Judge Cannon’s ruling.

Shadow Docket

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They highlighted how the ruling effectively created a “shadow docket,” potentially impacting the transparency of court proceedings.

Controversy Surrounding Jury Questionnaires

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One significant consequence of Judge Cannon’s ruling emerged during the submission of proposed jury questionnaires.

Juror Questions Revealed to All

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Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team sought to file their questions under seal, citing concerns about potential jury bias.

However, Trump’s legal team opposed this, eventually leading to the questions being filed on the public docket instead

Potential Juror Bias Concerns

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The proposed jury questionnaire included inquiries about beliefs regarding the 2020 election, specifically their views on the allegation that it was “stolen,” reflecting concerns about potential bias among prospective jurors. 

Withdrawal of Sealing Motion

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As Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office eventually withdrew their motion and opted to submit the questionnaire publicly, it raises questions on whether jurors may now be able to game the system by knowing the questions beforehand and answering differently than what their beliefs are.

Criticism of Judge’s Handling

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Critics have also pointed out delays and inconsistencies in Judge Cannon’s response to filings, suggesting a lack of adherence to the principles of transparency and timely decision-making. 

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