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LGBTQ Task Force Makes a List of ‘Demands’ to the University of Pittsburgh 

The University of Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ task force has submitted a list of ‘demands’ for the institution to implement, which include the expansion of housing and healthcare services for transgender students.

LGBTQ task force submits list of ‘demands’ to the University

The task force announced their demands via Instagram and called for a “walkout” on Tuesday.

“The centers should not be hidden deep within an organizational chart. LGBTQIA+ staff members NEED to possess a certain degree of autonomy in terms of collaboration, programming, and sharing resources. Enough of this departmental/division gatekeeping nonsense,” they wrote.

Furthermore, the group insisted that the University of Pittsburgh establish three fully staffed, in-person resource centers devoted to the LGBTQIA+, disability, and BIPOC communities. 

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The task force also demanded that the university “provide a minimum pay of $20 an hour and matching rate of inflation +1% for all university workers.”

“No more cops for mental health crises!” they added.

Furthermore, the task force called for the university to “ensure a minimum wage of $20 per hour and a matching inflation rate of +1% for all university workers.”

The University of Pittsburgh has been mired in controversy recently.

Recently, Riley Gaines, a 12-time All-American swimmer, criticized the turmoil at the University of Pittsburgh as numerous activists sought to obstruct her speaking engagement at the school.

Gaines became a prominent figure after opposing trans swimmer Lia Thomas’s participation in women’s sports. 

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Males possess ‘undeniable advantage’ over females in competition

Several individuals, including former Olympian Nancy Hogshead-Makar, have said biological males possess an undeniable advantage over biological females in competition.

Gaines, also a spokesperson for the Independent Women’s Forum, posted a video of demonstrators blocking streets near the University of Pittsburgh before her event on campus, which was hosted by Turning Point USA.

Democratic state Representative La’Tasha D. Mayes questioned University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Patrick Gallagher’s decision to permit speakers who challenge transgender ideology on campus.

However, Gallagher defended the speakers’ right to visit the campus.

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