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Liberal Podcaster Stunned by Co-Host’s Bombshell Prediction: Trump’s Presidential Run in Jeopardy?

In a surprising turn of events, podcast host and NYU professor Scott Galloway shocked his co-host and listeners with a bold prediction about Donald Trump’s future in politics. During an episode of the “Pivot” podcast, Galloway made a daring claim that Trump might not run for president in 2024 due to a potential plea deal. Let’s dive into the conversation that left his co-host, Kara Swisher, exclaiming, “What?!” and explore the intriguing factors behind this unexpected forecast.

The Unconventional Prediction

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Galloway’s prediction caught everyone off guard when he suggested that Trump would not pursue a presidential run under the circumstances of a plea deal. Swisher’s astonished reaction mirrored the disbelief felt by many listeners. The unexpected nature of this forecast adds a new twist to the ever-evolving political landscape.

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Where Did It Come From?

Swisher, still reeling from Galloway’s statement, sought clarification on the origins of this prediction. She expressed surprise at the uniqueness of his viewpoint, stating that no one else seemed to share this perspective. Galloway cited former New Jersey governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie as someone who had made similar comments, offering a glimpse into his reasoning.

Old Rich Men and Temptations

Delving into his rationale, Galloway provided insights into how he believes wealthy individuals like Trump think. Drawing upon Christie’s comments, he hinted that Trump might prefer the comforts of his affluent lifestyle, which includes golfing and enjoying the company of adult film stars. Galloway even admitted, with a touch of humor, that he wouldn’t mind partaking in such indulgences himself.

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The Looming Threat of Prison

In addition to the allure of a luxurious life, Galloway pointed out that Trump might be hesitant to face the possibility of imprisonment. He speculated that Trump’s leverage as a presidential candidate, coupled with the power and momentum he holds, could potentially lead to a plea deal without jail time. Galloway suggested that the Department of Justice or relevant authorities would consider the negative impact on the nation and opt for a resolution that doesn’t involve incarceration.

The High Stakes of Incarceration

Galloway emphasized that if Trump were to face even a one-year jail sentence, it could be detrimental to his health and overall well-being. Considering Trump’s age and the potential consequences of being incarcerated, Galloway argued that it might be a severe blow from which someone of his age may never fully recover.

Ongoing Legal Troubles

Trump’s legal woes continue to mount, with charges brought against him by both the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and federal authorities. Galloway’s prediction takes into account the complexity of these cases and their potential impact on Trump’s political aspirations.

The Weight of the Plea Deal

Galloway presented his prediction as a plausible scenario, emphasizing that a plea deal could offer a mutually beneficial solution. With the DOJ and state representatives negotiating on behalf of the government, he envisioned a scenario where Trump could agree to certain terms, relinquish the public stage, and avoid jail time. Galloway highlighted the motivation for Trump to consider such a deal, given the ongoing legal battles and public scrutiny.

A Bold and Controversial Forecast

Galloway’s forecast has certainly stirred the pot, with Swisher acknowledging its significance. The uniqueness of his perspective challenges prevailing opinions, forcing listeners to consider alternative scenarios. As the political landscape evolves, only time will tell whether Galloway’s prediction holds any truth.


The podcast episode featuring Scott Galloway’s unexpected prediction has left listeners and his co-host stunned. By exploring Trump’s potential motivations and the looming legal challenges, Galloway offered an alternative viewpoint that diverges from popular opinion. The outcome of these speculations remains uncertain, but it certainly adds a new layer of intrigue to the already captivating world of politics. Share your thoughts on this astonishing forecast in the comments below and join the conversation.

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