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Liz Cheney Delivers Anti-Trump Message to Applauding Crowd on MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, while former President Donald Trump found success in the Iowa polls, Liz Cheney delivered a speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church, a place of significance in King’s history.

Cautioning Against Trump’s Resurgence

Credit: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Her message, cautioning against the possibility of a second Trump term, resonated with the audience and garnered resounding applause.

Cheney’s Warning

Credit: Getty Images

In her speech, Cheney expressed concern about the actions of a former president who refuses to accept his electoral defeat.

She asserted that such behavior threatens the nation’s foundations, which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had worked tirelessly to preserve.

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A Singular Task

Credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Cheney shared her speech on social media, emphasizing the importance of Americans uniting beyond political differences to safeguard the Constitution and counter the influence of Donald Trump and his congressional allies.

Star-Studded Speeches

Credit: Matthew Pearson/WABE

The event featured speeches by various notable figures, including Senator Raphael Warnock, a senior pastor at Ebenezer Church.


Credit: DepositPhotos

Warnock urged the audience to exercise their right to vote, asking why efforts to restrict voting rights persisted if votes didn’t matter. He encouraged people to make their voices heard through voting.

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Personal Connection

Credit: DepositPhotos

Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., also addressed the audience.
She cautioned that humanity was under attack but stressed the importance of following her father’s lesson, which involved combating injustice and ignorance without resorting to destruction or cancellation.

Words of Resonance

Credit: Caroline Brehman / CQ-Roll Call, Inc /Getty

The speeches delivered at the event received enthusiastic applause from the audience.
Liz Cheney’s remarks, in particular, struck a chord with attendees, resulting in a standing ovation.

Reiterating the Message

Cheney has been a prominent anti-Trump voice within the Republican Party since 2020.
In December, she sounded the alarm about Americans unknowingly heading toward a dictatorship due to underestimating the threat posed by Trump.

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The End of Democracy

Credit: DepositPhotos

According to Cheney, electing an authoritarian like Trump would spell the end of the constitutional republic. While acknowledging the difficulty of comprehending this threat for some, she urged people to take it seriously.

No Equivalence

Credit: Bipartisan Observations on Infrastructure Act in New York City. January 31, 2023, New York, USA: US President Joe Biden delivers a speech and discusses topics related to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and how it would help with traffic — Photo by thenews2.com

Cheney dismissed the notion that Joe Biden posed a greater risk than Trump, emphasizing that policy differences were manageable, whereas undermining the Constitution was not.

Party-wide Issue

Credit: DepositPhotos

Cheney asserted that the entire Republican Party needed to be voted out of power. She called on citizens to support candidates who upheld the Constitution and rejected election denial, emphasizing the importance of the 2025 House majority.

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Highlighting a Specific Figure

Credit: J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Cheney specifically criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson, characterizing him as “dangerous” for his role in attempting to overturn the 2020 election. She pointed out that he had disregarded court rulings and constitutional requirements to appease Donald Trump.

A Relevant Lesson

Credit: DepositPhotos

Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Cheney emphasized the significance of individuals’ actions during challenging and controversial times, highlighting the measure of a person’s character.

Prophetic Words

Credit: DepositPhotos

In 1967, amidst the Vietnam War and Civil Rights struggles, Dr. King diagnosed America’s issues as a triple-pronged sickness: racism, excessive materialism, and militarism.

He cautioned against the prevailing notion of freedom and equality, emphasizing the need to confront racism as an ongoing issue rather than an occasional exception.

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Little Progress Made

Credit: DepositPhotos

Dr. King clarified that not all White Americans were racist, but he argued that confronting racism was essential for the nation’s betterment.

He challenged the idea that freedom and equality were the dominant ideologies in America, highlighting the persistence of racism in some corners of society.

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