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Liz Cheney Says Trump Is ‘Afraid of the Truth,’ Counters His Critique of Capitol Riot Probe 

Amidst escalating confrontations, Liz Cheney rebuked Donald Trump’s critiques of the Capitol riot investigation, suggesting the former president fears the truth.

Trump’s Assault on Cheney

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Donald Trump launches a verbal attack on Liz Cheney, accusing her and the investigation committee of concealing evidence from the January 6 insurrection.

Cheney’s Retaliation

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In response, Cheney denounces Trump’s claims as falsehoods, asserting that he and his legal team have had access to all relevant evidence for months.

The Accusations Fly

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Trump’s post on social media calling for Cheney’s imprisonment contrasts sharply with her counter-claims of his dishonesty and evasion of accountability.

Cheney’s Defiance on Social Media

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Using the platform X, Cheney confronted Trump’s allegations head-on, stressing his avoidance of the looming trial and potential testimony from his close associates.

A History of Conflict

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Cheney’s outspoken criticism of Trump post-January 6 led to her impeachment vote against him and subsequent ostracization from Republican leadership roles.

Trump’s Campaign Against Cheney

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Trump’s endorsement of Cheney’s primary opponent underscores the deep rift between the former colleagues, leading to Cheney’s defeat in the 2022 election.

The Weekend War of Words

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Trump’s attacks extend beyond Cheney, with ominous predictions for the 2024 election and controversial statements regarding January 6 rioters.

Trump’s Controversial Rally Statements

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At an Ohio rally, Trump stirred controversy with remarks about a “bloodbath” and the potential for pardoning January 6 rioters.

Democrats and Pence Respond

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Democrats and former Vice President Mike Pence criticize Trump’s comments, highlighting the problematic nature of referring to convicted rioters as “hostages.”

Pence’s Position

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Pence, a potential witness against Trump, openly condemns the former president’s rhetoric and distances himself from a future Trump presidency.

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