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Liz Cheney Warns SCOTUS Against ‘Delay Tactics’ in Trump Immunity Case

Former Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney issued a stern caution to the Supreme Court regarding the impending deliberations over Trump’s plea, making the case that, as president, he had absolute immunity against the DOJ’s actions. 

The court will judge his legal team’s position that his presidential status at the time means that he is immune from charges related to the actions he undertook to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) had raised these charges against Trump last year, which ended with the infamous January 6 riots and even a conspiracy to use counterfeit pro-Trump electorates from pivotal swing states. 

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Throughout, Trump has denied all allegations, maintaining a stance of innocence.

Trump’s defense hinges on the argument that his actions were conducted within the scope of his official duties, thereby rendering him immune to prosecution — a perspective met with skepticism by critics who argue his actions were those of a candidate rather than a sitting president.

Speaking at an event at Drake University, Cheney, a pronounced Trump critic, underscored the urgency with which the Supreme Court must address this case. 

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She cautioned against viewing Trump’s appeal as anything other than “delay tactics.”

Cheney expressed confidence in the Supreme Court’s ability to handle the appeal with the gravity and swiftness it necessitates.

She emphasized the imperative for the American electorate to witness the evidence ahead of the next presidential election. 

She argued against any court actions that would further delay the disclosure of evidence, an action that would be tantamount to “suppression of the evidence.”   

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She advocated for the public’s right to transparency.

The discourse around Trump’s immunity claims and the subsequent warning from Cheney underscores the ongoing divisions within the GOP and the broader national conversation about the boundaries of presidential power and accountability. 

Cheney, ousted from her congressional seat in 2022 following her impeachment vote against Trump, continues to voice her concerns about the direction of the Republican Party and the enduring influence of Trump’s legacy.

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