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Lizzo Refutes Allegations of Harassment and Fat Phobia by Former Dancers

Lizzo Speaks Out to Deny Accusations from Former Dancers

Credit: DepositPhotos

Lizzo has responded to the recent lawsuit filed by her former backup dancers, emphatically denying claims of sexual harassment and creating a hostile, “fat-phobic” environment. In her statement, she expressed disappointment at the false allegations and asserted her commitment to maintaining high standards and respectfulness in her work.

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Former Dancers’ Lawsuit and Lizzo’s Defense

The lawsuit filed by three of Lizzo’s former dancers alleged instances of sexual, religious, and racial harassment, as well as disability discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment. In response, Lizzo firmly rejected these claims, emphasizing that she does not intend to make anyone uncomfortable or devalue their role in the team.

Focus on Respect and Body Positivity

Lizzo, known for her body positivity advocacy, emphasized her commitment to treating all employees with respect and fairness, regardless of their weight or appearance. She expressed her openness about her sexuality and her refusal to be portrayed inaccurately by the media.

No Intention to Play the Victim

While Lizzo acknowledged the hurt caused by the allegations, she made it clear that she does not see herself as a victim. Instead, she aims to address the false portrayal of her character and highlights her focus on maintaining respect for women in the world.

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Support Amidst the Allegations

Lizzo thanked those who have shown support during this challenging time, emphasizing her dedication to continuing her work and not letting the allegations overshadow her positive impact.

Plaintiffs’ Attorney Responds

Attorney Ron Zambrano, representing the dancers, responded to Lizzo’s denial, criticizing her lack of empathy and dismissing comments. He asserted that her behavior caused emotional distress to his clients and other employees.

Additional Allegations and Support

Since the lawsuit, more people have come forward with allegations against Lizzo. Filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison shared her experience working with the singer in 2019, alleging mistreatment and lack of support during the making of a documentary.

In conclusion, Lizzo vehemently denies the allegations made by her former dancers and maintains her commitment to treating her team with respect and professionalism. The legal battle continues as both sides present their perspectives in court.

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