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London-Based Company Ordered to Compensate Beirut Port Blast Victims

A British court has ruled that London-based chemical trading firm Savaro Ltd. is responsible for the devastating explosion that occurred at Beirut’s port in 2020. As a result, the court has ordered the company to pay compensation to some of the families of the victims. The explosion, caused by improperly stored ammonium nitrate, resulted in the deaths of nearly 220 people, injured over 6,000 others, and caused extensive damage in the city.

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Key Details

Liability of Savaro Ltd.

The court found Savaro Ltd. liable for its role in delivering the ammonium nitrate to Beirut’s port. The company is suspected of having chartered the shipment in 2013 that eventually led to the explosion.

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Lawsuit by Beirut Bar Association

The case against Savaro Ltd. was brought forward by the Beirut Bar Association in the High Court of Justice in London, where the company is based.

Compensation Order

The British court has ordered Savaro Ltd. to pay $125,900 to each of three plaintiffs who lost family members in the blast due to the emotional damage caused by their deaths. Additionally, more than $629,700 has been awarded to an injured plaintiff to cover emotional and physical damage as well as medical expenses.

Judicial Success for Victims’ Families

The ruling in London represents a significant judicial victory for the families of the blast victims. They have been advocating for an unrestricted national investigation and have pursued legal action abroad.

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Progress Amidst Investigation Blockage

The investigation into the blast led by Judge Tarek Bitar in Lebanon has faced obstacles, with progress halted since December 2021 pending a ruling by the Court of Cassation. This ruling comes at a crucial time when the Lebanese investigation has been impeded, offering some measure of comfort to the victims’ families.


The British court’s ruling holding Savaro Ltd. responsible for the Beirut port blast and ordering compensation for victims’ families is a significant step toward justice and closure. It provides some solace for the victims amidst the challenges faced by the Lebanese investigation. As the legal process unfolds, the case sheds light on the need for accountability and the pursuit of justice for those affected by the tragic incident.

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