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London Court Dismisses Trump’s Lawsuit Against British Intelligence Firm

A London court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by former U.S. President Donald Trump against Orbis Business Intelligence, a firm founded by former British spy Christopher Steele, marking a notable setback for Trump amidst his various legal battles.

The Basis of the Lawsuit

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Trump’s legal action focused on the Steele dossier, a controversial document from 2016 filled with unverified allegations against him, which he claimed was not only false but also significantly damaged his reputation.

The Court’s Decision

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Judge Karen Steyn ruled that the lawsuit lacked sufficient grounds for trial, citing the absence of compelling reasons to advance the case further, delivering a blow to Trump’s efforts to seek damages.

Orbis Business Intelligence’s Role

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Orbis, established by Christopher Steele, found itself at the center of political controversy for its dossier that contained explosive, albeit unsubstantiated, claims about Trump’s activities in Russia, allegations that Trump vehemently denies.

The Steele Dossier’s Impact

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The dossier, which made headlines globally, was criticized by Trump as fabricated and politically motivated, aimed at undermining his presidency before it began.

Legal Arguments Presented

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During the proceedings, Trump’s legal team argued that Orbis violated British data protection laws, while Steele defended the dossier’s credibility, maintaining that its allegations were never definitively disproven.

Trump’s Personal Testimony

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In his statement, Trump denied all accusations detailed in the dossier, including engaging in illicit activities in Moscow, asserting that he suffered personal and reputational harm due to these baseless claims.

Defense by Orbis

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Orbis contended that the lawsuit was unfounded, arguing the dossier was confidential and its unauthorized publication by BuzzFeed was beyond their control.

They also highlighted that Trump’s legal action was not timely filed.

Judge’s Rationale for Dismissal

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The judge concurred with Orbis’s argument regarding the timing of the lawsuit, noting Trump’s delayed response to the dossier’s publication as a critical factor in the decision to dismiss the case.

Orbis’s Legal Victory

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Orbis’s legal team successfully demonstrated that the lawsuit lacked merit, emphasizing that the dossier’s public release was without their consent, further protecting them from Trump’s claims.

Broader Legal Challenges for Trump

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The dismissal in London adds to Trump’s legal woes, as he navigates through various allegations in the United States, ranging from fraud and mishandling classified documents to attempts to influence the 2020 election outcome.

A Continuing Legal Saga

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The decision by the London court not only marks an end to this particular legal battle for Trump but also underscores the ongoing complexity of his entanglement with legal systems in both the UK and the US, as he continues to face multiple legal challenges ahead.

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