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London Judge Rejects Trump’s Lawsuit Against British Spy’s Dossier

A judge in London has ruled against former U.S. President Donald Trump in a lawsuit he filed against Orbis Business Intelligence, a firm founded by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Lawsuit’s Claim

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Trump’s lawsuit claimed that Steele had made “shocking and scandalous claims” that were false and had harmed his reputation.

However, Judge Karen Steyn dismissed the case, stating that  “There are no compelling reasons to allow the claim to proceed to trial.”

Trump’s Lawsuit and Legal Troubles

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Former President Donald Trump, who is currently the front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has been facing legal challenges both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Lawsuit Targeted Orbis Business Intelligence

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His lawsuit targeted Orbis Business Intelligence, which was linked to the controversial dossier created by Christopher Steele in 2016, just before Trump’s inauguration.

The dossier contained unverified allegations that had caused a political storm.

Trump’s Claims and Seeking Damages

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Donald Trump had vehemently denied the claims made in the dossier, dismissing them as “fake news” and a “political witch hunt.”

In his lawsuit, he sought damages from Orbis, alleging that the firm had violated British data protection laws.

Documents Alleged Trump’s Sex Parties

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The lawsuit specifically focused on two memos in the dossier that mentioned Trump’s involvement in alleged “sex parties” in St. Petersburg and interactions with sex workers in Moscow.

Trump’s Assertion of Inaccuracy

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Trump’s attorney, Hugh Tomlinson, argued that the dossier contained “shocking and scandalous claims” about the former president’s personal conduct.

Personal and Reputational Loss

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He stated that Trump had suffered personal and reputational damage as a result.

Trump adamantly maintained that the allegations were “wholly untrue,” despite Steele’s claims that they had never been disproven.

Orbis’ Defense and Judge’s Decision

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Orbis Business Intelligence contended that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the dossier was never intended for public release and had been published by BuzzFeed without permission.

Case Filed Too Late

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They also argued that Trump’s claim was filed too late.

Judge Steyn concurred with Orbis, emphasizing that Trump had allowed many years to pass without attempting to vindicate his reputation since he first became aware of the dossier in January 2017.

Bound to Fail

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She concluded that the claim for compensation and damages was destined to fail.

Attorney’s Allegation of Animosity

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During the previous year’s hearing, Orbis’ attorney, Antony White, argued that Trump held a deep animus against Steele and the firm, repeatedly filing frivolous and vexatious claims against perceived enemies.

White claimed that Trump’s lawsuits were meant to vex and harass those he held grudges against.

US Federal Judge Dismissed Similar Lawsuit

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It’s worth noting that in 2022, a U.S. federal judge in Florida had dismissed a Trump lawsuit against Steele, 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and former top FBI officials.

Trump’s Russia Claims

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The judge rejected Trump’s claims that they had conspired to create the Russia investigation that overshadowed his administration.

Trump’s Ongoing Legal Challenges

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Donald Trump is currently awaiting a verdict in a civil fraud trial in New York, where he is accused of deceiving banks, insurers, and others by inflating his assets and net worth to secure loans and business deals.

Other Cases

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Additionally, he faces four separate criminal cases, including allegations of mishandling classified documents, attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, and making hush payments to a porn actress to conceal an affair.

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