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Louisiana Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Repeal Break Provisions for Minors

Louisiana’s District 71 Republican Rep. Roger Wilder presented HB 156, a proposal to repeal the current legislation’s provision mandating “recreation or meal periods for minors,” to the House Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations for consideration.

The committee endorsed the bill after discussions, and it will now move to the full legislature for further review. 

According to sources from NOLA.com, the news outlet linked with the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate, ten legislators supported the bill, while three opposed it.

Wilder clarified that the proposal wasn’t aimed at child workers, despite some characterizing it as such. 

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Wilder emphasized that the focus was on regulations for young adults rather than minors. 

Wilder, who represents the Denham Springs area, argued that several states don’t have regulations requiring breaks for child workers.

The current law necessitates that employers give at least one 30-minute meal break for minors working a 5-hour shift. 

However, it doesn’t require a meal break if the work period exceeds 5 hours by 10 minutes or less. 

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Additionally, employers must document each meal period using their normal timekeeping system and make necessary time edits if a minor fails to clock in or out.

The proposed bill aims to repeal the existing law, removing the requirement for meal breaks for minors altogether. 

It now awaits further consideration by the Louisiana House, where it will face further scrutiny. 

If approved, the bill will then proceed to the Senate for evaluation before potentially becoming law, subject to the governor’s approval.

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The House Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations, consisting of 12 Republicans and five Democrats, played a crucial role in advancing the bill. 

However, its passage into law remains uncertain, as it requires several additional steps and approvals before enactment.

Wilder’s proposal has fueled debate among lawmakers and stakeholders, with advocates bringing up concerns about its potential impact on young workers’ well-being and rights. 

The bill’s fate will likely be determined in the coming legislative sessions as policymakers weigh its implications and public feedback.

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