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Louisville Shooter’s Pronouns on his Bio Spark Outrage Amongst Social Media Users

The use of pronouns on LinkedIn by the suspected Louisville, Kentucky, shooter has sparked controversy on social media.

The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, was a former employee at the Old National Bank where the shooting took place, according to Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officials. 

The tragic shooting resulted in five people dead and several others injured, just two weeks after a school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, claimed six lives, including three children.

Sturgeon used the pronouns ‘he/him’ on LinkedIn

Before Sturgeon was identified by police, screenshots of a LinkedIn profile associated with him circulated on social media, revealing that he used the pronouns ‘he/him’ on his Bio. 

This sparked criticism and outrage from some individuals online.

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Conservative commentator and ex-adviser to former President Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, took to Twitter to write, “proudly displaying his ‘pronouns’ online” and called it a “#RedFlag.”

Similarly, Caitlin Sinclair, a One America News correspondent, posted, “Meet Connor Sturgeon (he/him), the Louisville mass shooter. He killed multiple people this morning. Do we believe the MSM (Main Stream Media) will show you this screenshot?” 

Other right-wing commentators, such as Ian Miles Cheong and Collin Rugg, shared screenshots of Sturgeon’s LinkedIn profile, highlighting his use of pronouns in their posts. 

Cheong wrote, “Meet Connor Sturgeon (he/him), the Louisville mass shooter, who listed pronouns in his bio as seems to be in vogue these days… He posted about his suicidal intent prior to the shooting.” 

Rugg wrote, “JUST IN: Louisville mass shooter identified as Connor Sturgeon, who identified as a He/Him. I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again: It’s not the guns. It’s the pronoun extremists.”


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‘The woke mind virus is destroying America’

A Twitter user, Proud Elephant, wrote, “BREAKING: Louisville Shooter identified as Connor Sturgeon, identified as a ‘He/Him.’ The woke mind virus is destroying America.” 

Gunther Eagleman tweeted, “Pronouns kill… Louisville bank mass shooter Connor Sturgeon self-identified as a He/Him.”

However, others pointed out that his pronouns were irrelevant and should not be brought into a tragic event that resulted in the loss of life. 

Ed Krassenstein criticized Republicans in the aftermath of the shooting, stating, “Following the mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, and mixed in with their typical “Thoughts and Prayers,” Republicans are now arguing themselves into circles. 

“The first bizarre argument they are making is that the apparent killer Connor Sturgeon ‘identified as He/Him.’ This is, ironically, how every one of these Republican men also identifies”, adding that “Common sense gun laws are in fact warranted!”

Sturgeon carried out the attack on the bank with an AR-15-style assault rifle after earlier making a series of ominous Instagram posts, including one that read, “They won’t listen to words or protests. Let’s see if they hear this”. 

During the shooting, it was reportedly overheard on police scanners that Sturgeon was suicidal and texted a friend that he would “shoot up the bank.”

He was eventually ‘neutralized’ by cops after wounding a further nine victims.

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