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Macron Warns Putin Against Nuclear Threats

French President Emmanuel Macron has responded to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent nuclear threats, cautioning against such rhetoric and offering advice.

Macron’s Remarks on Putin’s Nuclear Posturing

Credits: DepositPhotos – Brussels, Belgium. 28th May 2019.French President Emmanuel Macron arrives for a European Union (EU) summit at EU Headquarters.

During the interview with TF1, Macron criticized Putin’s nuclear boasts, highlighting the risks associated with such actions, especially considering Russia’s possession of nuclear weapons.

Lack of Recent Dialogue Between Macron and Putin

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Macron revealed that he had not spoken with the Russian President for many months and indicated that such communication would occur only when required.

Putin’s Authoritarian Regime and Destabilizing Actions

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Macron expressed concern over Putin’s leadership of Russia, describing it as repressive.

Nuclear States Should Prioritize Protection

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The French president emphasized the importance of nuclear-armed states feeling secure due to their arsenals, underscoring the need for diplomacy in matters involving states that possess them.

Responsibility to Prevent Escalation

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Macron highlighted the responsibility of leaders of nuclear-armed nations to prevent situations from boiling over to a full-fledged conflict.

Putin’s Recent Nuclear Talk

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Putin recently renewed his threats of using the nuclear option against NATO countries, asserting that they are ready “from a military-technical viewpoint.”

Response From the United States

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In response to these threats, the U.S. stressed that it did not perceive any imminent plans for Putin to use such weapons against its enemies.

Putin’s Boasts About Russia’s Nuclear Capabilities

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This is the second time Putin has boasted about his country’s nuclear weapons in the last month.

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