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Maine Legislature Passes Sweeping Gun Safety Laws After Deadly Shooting

The Maine Legislature has approved comprehensive gun safety legislation, marking a significant step in addressing concerns surrounding firearm regulations in the state. 

The new measures, which include background checks on private gun sales, waiting periods for gun purchases, and criminalization of gun sales to prohibited individuals, passed nearly six months after the deadliest shooting in Maine’s history.

Gov. Janet Mills and the Democratic-led Legislature have been at the forefront of advocating for various gun safety and mental health proposals following the tragic shooting incident that claimed 18 lives and injured 13 others. 

Despite Maine’s strong hunting tradition and culture of gun ownership, the majority of these proposals were endorsed and adopted.

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House Assistant Majority Leader, Rep. Kristen Cloutier, emphasized the significance of the legislation, stating that it reflects the state’s commitment to addressing concerns raised by residents regarding community safety and violence prevention.

Mills is set to sign the bill, approved early Thursday, which aims to strengthen the state’s existing yellow flag law, enhance background checks for private gun sales, and establish penalties for reckless gun sales to prohibited individuals. 

Additionally, the legislation allocates funding for violence-prevention initiatives and the establishment of a mental health crisis receiving center in Lewiston.

Two other bills narrowly approved by the Senate on Wednesday await the governor’s review. 

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These bills propose the implementation of a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases and a ban on bump stocks, which can modify firearms into automatic weapons.

However, there was no immediate action on a proposal to enact a red flag law, which would allow family members to petition for the removal of firearms from individuals experiencing psychiatric crises. 

The absence of progress on this front highlights ongoing debates about the most effective approaches to addressing mental health and gun violence.

The legislative session witnessed intense deliberations and last-minute negotiations as lawmakers worked against the adjournment deadline. 

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Controversy arose over a supplemental budget, further complicating the final stages of the legislative process.

The tragic shooting incident in Lewiston on October 25 cast a somber shadow over the legislative session, serving as a stark reminder of the urgent need for action to prevent future tragedies. 

The shooting, carried out by an Army reservist with a history of mental health concerns, prompted calls for stronger gun regulations and mental health support systems.

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While survivors of the shooting expressed mixed feelings about the proposed legislation, with some advocating for stricter measures and others expressing skepticism, lawmakers ultimately moved forward with the bills in response to constituents’ demands for proactive measures to enhance public safety.

Gov. Mills reiterated the imperative of taking action to prevent future attacks, emphasizing the responsibility of lawmakers to address the concerns of affected communities and families. 

The passage of the gun safety legislation represents a significant step forward in Maine’s efforts to promote responsible firearm regulations and ensure the safety of its residents.

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