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Majority of Americans Disapprove of Biden White House Ethics, Poll Shows

Poll Reveals Negative Ratings for Biden Administration’s Ethics

A recent national poll conducted by Gallup throughout July revealed that a majority of Americans (55%) believe the Biden administration’s ethical standards are “not good” or “poor.” This rating is the lowest of any recent administration, with the exception of former President Donald Trump’s administration. Only 42% of respondents gave the Biden administration a positive ethics rating, with 34% calling the standards “good” and 8% considering them “excellent.”

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Growing Partisan Divide in Evaluating Ethical Standards

The poll also indicated that 41% of independents rated the Biden administration’s ethics as substandard, while only 35% said the same about the Trump administration. This reflects a growing trend of hyper-partisan responses to recent presidential administrations. Notably, no president from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama has received a negative ethics rating, though Obama and George W. Bush had ratings of 50% at some point during their terms.

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Controversies Surrounding Biden Administration’s Ethical Conduct

The Biden administration has faced several ethics-related controversies, including violations of the Hatch Act by former chief of staff Ron Klain and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. There have also been accusations of ignoring ethics guidelines and allegations of corruption related to Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.

Overall, the poll highlights concerns among Americans regarding the ethical standards of the current administration and indicates a growing divide along partisan lines in evaluating the ethics of presidential administrations.

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