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10 Romantic Getaways That Will Reignite Your Relationship

A husband-to-be left his fiancé angry just on the eve of their wedding by making vacation plans behind his fiancé’s back. 

He explains more in his Reddit post, “My family and family friends of ours go on vacation together every year. This has been a tradition since I was maybe eleven years old, and I’m now 27. Each year, my parents and the other family’s parents alternate who plans and pays for the vacation. This year is our family friends’ turn”.

However, he is getting married in a few weeks, and although there were no definite plans, a honeymoon was on the cards, “We were planning on going on our honeymoon towards the end of the year but haven’t put specific plans in place yet.”

“I work for my dad and can pretty much get off whenever I’d like,” he says, “but she only has so much PTO, so we’re trying to be strategic with our plans. I told everyone I would likely have to skip the vacation this year because of my fiancée’s work situation and our honeymoon”.

However, his family was not about to let the family tradition fall by the wayside. His “Bonus Dad,” as he calls him, booked a room for him and said his girlfriend was “welcome to come along too.” 

He seemed to ‘reason’ himself into joining the family vacation, even at the expense of his wife-to-be, “Honestly, there’s nothing that can beat the vacations we take. The places are great, and the company is even greater. My sister is so busy these days and lives out of state, so I get to catch up with her. The family we travel with has three sons, who are some of my closest friends. Beyond all of that, you can’t really beat an all-expenses paid holiday”.

When he broke the news to his finance, she was unsurprisingly not happy, “she’s very angry I didn’t immediately shut it down.” 

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Man tries to ‘sell’ the idea to his fiancé 

However, he still tried to convince her it might be a good idea, “I told her that we weren’t required to constantly do family activities and this could easily serve as part one to our honeymoon,” adding that “we can have our actual honeymoon as a first-anniversary celebration since we weren’t planning on going right after our wedding anyway.”

Many commenters on the post questioned if he was even ready for a lifelong commitment such as marriage, “I’m questioning if you’re ready for marriage cause you don’t appear too willing to cut the umbilical cord.” 

Another one said, “You need to check yourself because you need to put her first, or this is going to be the start of a lot of conflict of you putting her on the back burner to them the second they demand it.”

One commenter offered a perfect response, albeit too little, too late, “I don’t know, let me check with my fiancée first since we haven’t set a date for the honeymoon yet.”

If OP cannot get his priorities straightened out before marriage, this will likely be one of many conflicts awaiting him down the road.


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