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Manhattan DA Charges Trump Indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

Manhattan DA Charges

– Trump Indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg
– Facing 34 felony counts of falsifying business records

Special Counsel Jack Smith Classified Record Charges

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– Trump Charged with Improper Retention of Classified Records
– First former U.S. president charged with federal criminal offenses

Special Counsel Jack Smith Jan. 6 Charges

– Trump Indicted for Capitol Riot and Alleged Election Interference
– Not guilty plea to four federal charges, including conspiracy

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Historic Moment for Former President

– Trump’s March indictment marks first time a former U.S. president faces criminal charges
– Charges linked to hush money payments in 2016 presidential campaign

Federal Prosecutors’ Chose Not to Charge

– No charges against Trump for payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal
– Federal Election Commission dismissed its investigation in 2021

Superseding Indictment in Special Counsel’s Investigation

– Trump faced additional charges of willful retention and obstruction
– Aide and property manager also charged as part of the probe

Legal Challenge and Discussions

– Trump’s indictments pose a significant legal challenge
– Sparking debates on presidential immunity and accountability

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Trump Pleads Not Guilty to Manhattan DA Charges

– Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts
– Charges related to falsifying business records during 2016 campaign

Pleads Not Guilty to Special Counsel’s Classified Record Charges

– Trump denies 37 felony charges of retaining classified records
– Accused of conspiracy, obstruction, and false statements

Not Guilty Plea for Capitol Riot Charges

– Trump denies federal charges related to the Capitol riot
– Allegations of conspiracy to defraud and obstruct official proceedings

First U.S. President to Face Federal Criminal Charges

– Trump holds distinction as the first former president charged with federal offenses
– Sets an unprecedented precedent in American history

Accountability for Actions Within and After Presidency

– Trump’s indictments raise questions about the boundaries of presidential immunity
– Discussion surrounding accountability for actions during and after presidency.

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