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Marjorie Taylor Greene Cancels Second Vote on Impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has called off her second attempt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The cancellation of the vote occurred just minutes before the House was scheduled to hold a procedural vote on the matter.

Greene stated that she decided to cancel the vote after meeting with Speaker Mike Johnson and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, who assured her that the impeachment process would move forward.

Although Greene did not disclose the timeline for proceeding with the impeachment, she stated that it would happen “very soon.”

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This was the second time that Greene had tried to push for a vote on Mayorkas’ impeachment. However, the vote was withdrawn after the House referred Greene’s resolution to the Homeland Security Committee. Eight Republicans had joined Democrats in voting to refer the resolution. Representative Darrell Issa had expressed a change in opinion before Greene’s withdrawal, indicating that he now supported the impeachment push.

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Chairman Mark Green has initiated a five-point plan to review Mayorkas’ performance, including an accusation of “dereliction of duty.” The plan involves creating a report that would be handed over to the Judiciary Committee for further action.

However, Greene’s disclosure of the deal could potentially create difficulties for Republican leadership, highlighting the pressure faced by Speaker Mike Johnson from the right flank.

Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson criticized the move, stating that it exposed the political motivations behind the impeachment attempt. He accused Republicans of using the investigation as a way to justify an impeachment over policy differences rather than constitutional grounds.

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Credit: @alimayorkas on intagram

While Greene’s momentum has been temporarily halted by the withdrawal, she previously criticized the GOP colleagues who had left an earlier impeachment bill untouched. However, Representative Darrell Issa changed his stance and announced his support for the impeachment process. Issa cited a robust impeachment investigation that had yielded damning evidence against Mayorkas as reason for his change in opinion.

Greene’s first resolution to impeach Mayorkas accused him of “willful admittance of border crossers” and of violating the Secure Fence Act. The Department of Homeland Security dismissed the resolution as a baseless attack.

Mayorkas has defended himself against accusations of violating the Secure Fence Act, noting the difficulty of meeting the law’s standard of perfection. He emphasized the need for reasonableness and the deployment of sufficient resources to deliver effective results.

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