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Marjorie Taylor Greene Equates Trumps Indictments to Communism Calls for Bidens Impeachment

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene stirred controversy by likening the indictments of former President Donald Trump to “what communism really looks like.” Despite the lack of concrete evidence, Greene suggested that Democrats have no policies to run on, relying on smearing Trump’s name instead.

Greene’s Claims and Call for Impeachment

During the interview, Greene asserted that the more times Trump is indicted, the more Americans will perceive the Biden administration as a “communist regime.” She called for an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, claiming it as the right course of action.

Impeachment Support and Dubious Arguments

When asked about rallying support for impeachment, Greene admitted that she had not garnered enough backing yet. However, she expressed hope that the overwhelming evidence that continues to surface will sway hesitant House members.

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Host Maria Bartiromo made her own specious argument, suggesting that Trump’s indictments were a deliberate distraction from news about Biden’s alleged corruption. She presented a timeline of events to back her claim, insinuating a coordinated effort by prosecutors. However, Bartiromo’s allegations lacked substantial evidence and credibility.

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Trump’s Expected Indictment in Georgia

Later in the show, Trump attorney Alinia Habba predicted that Trump would face an indictment in Georgia in the coming weeks. However, Bartiromo’s attempts to connect this potential indictment to news about Hunter Biden were met with skepticism given the lack of a convincing correlation.

The interview sparked discussions about the use of inflammatory rhetoric and baseless claims in political discourse, highlighting the ongoing divisiveness in American politics.

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