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Mary Trump Says That Donald Trump Just Got ‘Punished’

Rep. Ken Buck’s sudden announcement to depart Congress has sent ripples through the Republican Party, hitting former President Donald Trump the hardest, according to his estranged niece, Mary Trump.

Buck, representing Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, has openly criticized his party’s directions, including impeachment discussions and support for Ukraine, leading to his unexpected decision to leave.

GOP Majority at Risk

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Buck’s departure throws a wrench into the works for House Speaker Mike Johnson, challenging him to navigate an even tighter GOP majority in an already divided conference.

It also throws off Rep. Lauren Boebert’s reelection plans, amplifying the turmoil within the party.

Mary Trump’s Perspective

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Mary Trump sees her uncle, Donald Trump, as suffering the most from the upheaval caused by Buck’s exit.

Her Substack entry contends that turmoil among House Republicans may negatively impact Trump’s reelection prospects this November.

The GOP’s Governance Failure

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Mary Trump criticizes the GOP’s legislative inefficiencies, highlighting the broader consequences of Buck’s departure.

She points out that such failures have significant implications, not least of which is “punishing Donald,” her uncle.

A Dual Loss

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Mary Trump views the situation as a dual setback for the Republican Party and specifically for Mike Johnson and Lauren Boebert.

She interprets Buck’s resignation as a win-win due to its exposure of the GOP leadership’s willingness to sacrifice American welfare.

Highlighting Republican Leadership Flaws

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According to Mary Trump, Buck’s departure emphasizes the Republican leadership’s failings, particularly their refusal of a bipartisan border deal and reluctance to support Ukraine.

It shines a light on their “unwillingness” to address critical issues.

Impact on Swing Voters

Credits: DepositPhotos – President of the United States Joe Biden delivers remarks at the 2022 DNC Summer Meeting. National Harbor, Maryland, USA. September 8, 2022. President of the United States Joe Biden delivers remarks at the 2022 DNC Summer Meeting. — Photo by thenews2.com

Mary Trump suggests swing voters and independents will likely pay attention to these developments.

She poses the possibility of a Democratic majority in the House under Joe Biden’s second term as a chance to eradicate fascism and strengthen democracy.

Buck’s Increasing Disputes

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Up until his resignation, Buck increasingly found himself at odds with his party over crucial issues, particularly Trump’s election fraud claims and the push to impeach Biden, marking him as a critical voice within the GOP.

Potential Resignations and Electoral Complications

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Buck hinted that his departure might precede similar moves by up to five other conservative lawmakers, potentially shifting the House majority to the Democrats, further complicating the Republican Party’s internal dynamics and electoral strategies.

Special Election and Boebert’s Decision

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With Gov. Jared Polis scheduling a special election to fill Buck’s seat, Rep. Lauren Boebert decided against running in the special election to focus on the primary, illustrating the strategic dilemmas Republican candidates face amidst the party’s ongoing turmoil.

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