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Massachusetts Governor Proposes Pardons for Marijuana Possession Charges

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey revealed plans to issue pardons to hundreds of thousands convicted for marijuana possession before the state legalized cannabis in 2016.

Following a National Trend

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Healey’s move aligns with President Joe Biden’s earlier pardons of individuals convicted under federal law and in Washington, D.C., for marijuana possession, fulfilling a crucial promise made during her 2022 campaign.

Unprecedented Scope of Action

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Healey’s initiative is characterized as the broadest action by a governor in response to Biden’s call for states to grant marijuana pardons, marking a notable change in how previous marijuana convictions are approached.

Overcoming Obstacles

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“Nobody should face barriers to getting a job, housing or an education because of an old misdemeanor marijuana conviction that they would not be charged for today,” Healey expressed, highlighting the effort to dismantle obstacles resulting from previous convictions.

Comprehensive Pardon Coverage

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The suggested pardon is intended to encompass all adults previously convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession in state courts, awaiting the Massachusetts Governor’s Council’s consent, signifying a substantial move toward reform.

Tackling Racial Disparities

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Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell highlighted that the purpose of the pardons is to correct historical racial inequalities that have adversely affected Black and brown communities, emphasizing the need to remedy these wrongs.

Unique Approach to Pardons

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Differing from comparable initiatives in other states, the pardons proposed by Massachusetts do not necessitate individuals to seek relief actively.

They are not confined to those with only marijuana possession offenses, thereby providing a more comprehensive range of relief.

A National Wave of Pardons

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Massachusetts adds its name to a roster of states, such as Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin, that have initiated pardons for marijuana-related offenses since 2018, indicating an expanding movement nationwide.

Addressing the Past, Looking to the Future

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This initiative by Healey not only seeks to rectify the consequences of past marijuana convictions but also aligns with the evolving landscape of cannabis legislation and the broader push toward criminal justice reform.

Support and Approval Process

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The Massachusetts Governor’s Council, an elected body, will review Healey’s proposed pardon.

If approved, it would mark a significant milestone in the state’s efforts to address the repercussions of its former cannabis policies.

A Pardon for Progress

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Through this historic pardon initiative, Gov. Healey and the state of Massachusetts aim to pave the way for a future where the stigma and barriers associated with past misdemeanor marijuana convictions are finally lifted, aligning with a more compassionate and equitable approach to drug policy.

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