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Mayorkas Denounces Impeachment as Fueled by Baseless Political Accusations

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas delivered a strong rebuttal to House Republicans’ impeachment efforts.

He addressed their arguments in a detailed seven-page letter, reflecting on his personal and professional background.

Addressing Impeachment Articles

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Mayorkas’s letter to House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green was both personal and precise.

He tackled each impeachment argument, drawing from his extensive career in public service.

Oath of Office and Professional Integrity

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The letter highlighted the six occasions Mayorkas took the oath of office, from his beginnings as an assistant U.S. attorney to his current Cabinet position.

He refuted claims by Green that he had failed to uphold his oath.

Immigration Law Enforcement Record

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Mayorkas delved into his record as a top immigration enforcer, countering the allegation that he violated immigration laws by not detaining enough migrants.

He emphasized his adherence to law enforcement principles throughout his career.

Defending Immigration Policies

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In his defense, Mayorkas cited extensive evidence provided to Congress, including testimony and documents, to prove the enforcement of immigration laws.

He rejected the notion that his policies have failed to uphold legal standards.

Removal Statistics Under Biden Administration

Credit: KIEV, UKRAINE – Dec 08, 2015: Vice president of USA Joseph Biden during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kiev — Photo by palinchak

Mayorkas noted that since the lifting of Title 42, over 500,000 individuals have been removed from the U.S. He highlighted that more migrants have been removed in three years under Biden than during the entire Trump administration.

Policy Disagreements vs. Impeachment Standards

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Mayorkas argued that the impeachment effort stems from policy disagreements rather than actions meeting the constitutional standard for high crimes and misdemeanors.

He stressed the importance of resolving differences through bipartisan efforts.

Humanitarian Approach to Immigration

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In his letter, Mayorkas expressed his disagreement with policies that separate children from their parents for deterrence.

He advocated for a border enforcement approach that is both strict and humane.

Personal Motivation for Public Service

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Drawing from his family’s history of fleeing Communist Cuba, Mayorkas shared how his reverence for American law enforcement and democracy motivated his career in public service.

He emphasized his lifelong commitment to upholding the rule of law.

Response to Oversight and Investigation

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Mayorkas addressed allegations of unresponsiveness during the investigation, labeling them as “baseless and inaccurate.”

He detailed his department’s cooperation, including thousands of pages of documents provided to Congress.

Commitment to Oversight Amid Proceedings

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Despite facing impeachment proceedings, Mayorkas vowed to remain responsive to oversight requests.

He emphasized his dedication to fulfilling his department’s law enforcement and public service missions.

Timing of Mayorkas’s Response

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Committee Chair Mark Green criticized the timing of Mayorkas’s response, received early in the morning on the deadline day for testimony.

Green deemed the response inadequate for a Cabinet secretary.

Request for Mayorkas’s Testimony

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Green had requested Mayorkas to testify at a January 18 impeachment hearing with about two weeks’ notice.

The hearing was set to include testimony from mothers who blame Biden’s immigration policies for their children’s deaths.

Mayorkas’s Availability and Negotiations

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Mayorkas expressed willingness to testify but cited scheduling conflicts with hosting a Mexican delegation for border discussions.

These talks were part of broader immigration negotiations with the Senate.

Markup Decision and Mayorkas’s Dedication

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Despite the scheduling issues, the committee proceeded with plans for a markup.

Mayorkas concluded his letter by reaffirming his dedication to his role and dismissing the accusations as unfounded.

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