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McConnell Backs House GOP’s Responsible Stopgap Plan to Avert Shutdown

Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), has expressed support for the House GOP’s plan to prevent a government shutdown this week. McConnell called it a “responsible measure” that will ensure that the government remains operational. However, he also emphasized the need for additional resources to address urgent issues such as aid to Israel and Ukraine.

Credits: @leadermcconnell / Instagram

McConnell highlighted the importance of following regular order, which allows for careful consideration and thorough amendment. He commended Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for producing a continuing resolution that adheres to this principle. McConnell believes that the House GOP’s funding proposal will provide Congress with the necessary time and space to finalize its funding work, which includes addressing national security priorities like Israel, Ukraine, the Indo-Pacific, and the southern border.

With a looming deadline on Friday, Congress must pass legislation to prevent a shutdown. Over the weekend, House GOP leadership unveiled a stopgap plan, known as a continuing resolution, that would maintain government funding through the end of the year. The proposal includes extensions for various agencies until mid-January or early February. The goal is to avoid another massive omnibus bill, reminiscent of the previous year.

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While the House GOP’s plan does not include the Biden administration’s requests for aid to Ukraine and Israel, McConnell acknowledged bipartisan support for this assistance. Conservatives have insisted on identifying offsets for the funding, aligning with their broader objective of reducing overall government spending in the fiscal 2024 appropriations bills.

In his remarks, McConnell emphasized that the nation’s adversaries are investing heavily in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He warned against denying the interconnectedness of these threats and the benefits of strengthening Western alliances. McConnell urged support for investments in the American defense industrial base, including both supplemental resources and full-year defense appropriations, to counter growing threats from China and Iran. He stressed that failure to take these steps would not only impact friends and allies but also weaken the US military.

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