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McConnell Calls Out Trump and Carlson for Delay in Ukraine Aid Approval

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell marked a significant day in U.S. foreign policy as he spoke about the nearing approval of a substantial $60 billion aid package for Ukraine. 

He expressed his relief and satisfaction ahead of a decisive Senate vote, highlighting the internal struggles within his party that delayed the bill’s passage.

During a press conference, McConnell specifically pointed to influential figures such as former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former President Donald Trump, who he believes played significant roles in hindering the rapid support of Ukraine. 

McConnell criticized Carlson for his viewpoints, which he felt had misled many Republicans, and noted Trump’s ambiguous stance on the matter.

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The bill’s progress reflects a critical moment, with an 80-19 vote in the Senate to advance the legislation, setting the stage for final approval which could come as soon as Wednesday. 

President Joe Biden has expressed his intention to sign the bill into law promptly.

McConnell has been a steadfast supporter of aiding Ukraine, challenging the conservative faction within the Republican Party that opposed the funding. 

He views the passage of this bill as not only a victory for America but also for global democratic values.

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The Kentucky senator also touched upon the failed attempts to attach border security measures to the Ukraine aid bill, which complicated negotiations with Democratic lawmakers. 

He lamented the missed opportunity for quicker action, which was stalled by debates within his party and the administration’s slow response.

Furthermore, McConnell expressed confidence in the Republican Party’s return to its foundational principles of defending democracy globally, reminiscent of the Reagan era. 

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He noted the diminishing appeal of isolationist policies within the party, stating that the current geopolitical challenges from nations like China, Russia, and Iran necessitate a proactive international stance.

The lengthy delay in passing the aid package was primarily due to resistance from right-wing House Republicans, who argued that funds would be better spent on domestic issues such as border security. 

McConnell acknowledged that both the Biden administration and Congress were at fault for not acting more swiftly.

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Looking ahead to the upcoming electoral battles, McConnell expressed optimism about the quality of Republican Senate nominees and his expectation of regaining a Senate majority. 

He hinted at a strategic focus on winning additional seats to secure control, particularly highlighting the potential for a victory in West Virginia.

As McConnell prepares to step down from his leadership role at the end of the year, he remains focused on strengthening his party’s stance on international affairs and ensuring a smooth transition to potentially regaining the Senate majority.

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