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Meghan Markle Considers Offer to Join Democratic Party from Joe Biden’s Sister

Valerie Biden Owens, sister of US President Joe Biden, has extended an invitation to Meghan Markle to join the Democratic Party, suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex could make a strong presidential candidate. Owens, who is a supporter of women’s participation in politics, believes that Markle’s entry into the Democratic Party would contribute positively to the political landscape.

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While there has been no official confirmation of Meghan Markle’s interest in a political career, rumors began circulating after she engaged in American political discussions following her departure from the British royal family. She even advocated for a paid leave for all bill by contacting politicians directly.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Owens emphasized the importance of having more women in politics, stating that increased female representation would improve the democratic system. The Biden family has maintained a connection with Prince Harry, and there have been reports that Markle has been exploring opportunities within senior ranks of the Democratic Party, hinting at a potential future in politics.

Owens expressed her enthusiasm for women’s involvement in politics and warmly extended an invitation to Markle to join the Democratic Party, suggesting that her presence could bring valuable contributions to the party’s initiatives.

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