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Mehdi Hasan Reveals Trump’s Use of “Vermin” Should Raise Concerns

Mehdi Hasan, a journalist and commentator, recently criticized former President Donald Trump for his choice of language, arguing that it mirrors Adolf Hitler’s Nazi propaganda. Hasan highlighted Trump’s use of the word “vermin” to describe left-wing individuals, which was commonly employed by Nazis to dehumanize Jewish people during the Holocaust. Hasan also drew parallels between Trump’s comments on undocumented immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country” and language found in Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf.” Hasan argues that Trump’s rhetoric and reported plans for a second term should be concerning for everyone.

Trump’s Parallels to Nazi Propaganda:

Hasan points out that Trump has twice used the term “vermin” to describe his political opponents, a word laden with historical connotations and used by the Nazis to dehumanize Jewish people. Trump’s language, according to Hasan, is reminiscent of Hitler’s propaganda playbook. Moreover, Hasan suggests that other reports on Trump’s plans for a potential second term, such as using the Justice Department against his rivals or deploying the military against protesters, further exemplify his authoritarian ambitions.

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The Terrifying Implications:

Hasan expresses concern over Trump’s rhetoric and plans, emphasizing their potential implications if he were to return to the White House in 2024. He highlights the chilling possibility of Trump punishing political opponents, detaining undocumented immigrants in camps, and echoing the hateful rhetoric of Adolf Hitler. Hasan urges viewers to reflect on the potential consequences of a second Trump presidency, raising questions about Joe Biden’s age as a counterpoint.


Mehdi Hasan raises alarm over Donald Trump’s use of the term “vermin” and other rhetoric that seems to echo Nazi propaganda. Hasan emphasizes the importance of recognizing the historical significance and the concerning implications of such language. He calls for vigilance in understanding the authoritarian ambitions that Trump may have for a potential second term, urging viewers to consider the potential dangers involved. Hasan’s remarks highlight the need for reflection and awareness regarding political leaders’ rhetoric and its historical connotations.

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