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Meta Faces Allegations of Neglecting Young User Safety for Corporate Growth

Unredacted sections of a lawsuit have brought to light allegations against Meta, claiming prioritization of growth over the safety of younger users. New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez spearheads this legal action.

The Core of the Lawsuit

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Filed last December, the lawsuit accuses Meta Platforms and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of neglecting the safety of children on their social media platforms. It raises serious concerns about the company’s policies.

Specific Allegations

Credit: Vilnius, Lithuania – 2023 July 23: Meta logo and Mark Zuckerberg silhouette on screen. High quality photo — Photo by rokas91

The filing by Mr. Torrez alleges Meta’s failure to remove inappropriate material and enable inappropriate adult-minor interactions. This raises major safety concerns for underage users.

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Additional Accusations

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Meta is also accused of harming children’s mental health and sense of self-worth through addictive platform designs. These accusations point to a broader negative impact on young users.

Previous Legal Issues

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In October 2023, Meta faced a separate lawsuit from 33 states. It was alleged that the company knowingly designed addictive features in its apps, contributing to the youth mental health crisis.

Meta’s Acknowledgment of Harm

Credit: Menlo Park, USA, May 5, 2023: Meta corporation headquarters glass building concept. Metaverse facebook virtual reality network company symbol on front facade 3d illustration. — Photo by Skorzewiak

Mr. Torrez criticizes Meta for knowing the harm caused by its products yet failing to implement sufficient changes. This neglect, he claims, leads to the sexual exploitation of children.

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Undercover Investigation Findings

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An undercover investigation by Mr. Torrez’s office, involving decoy child accounts, provided substantial evidence for the lawsuit. This investigation uncovered concerning practices on Meta’s platforms.

Disturbing Internal Documents

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Recently unsealed documents reveal that Meta employees were aware of inappropriate content shared between adults and minors. An email from 2017 indicated a reluctance to scan Messenger for harmful content.

Alarming Statistics

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A 2021 internal presentation estimated around 100,000 children faced daily sexual harassment on Meta’s messaging platforms. This included receiving sexually explicit content and photos.

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Inconsistent Safety Measures

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Documents from 2020 showed a lack of uniform safety features across Meta platforms. Instagram, for instance, lagged behind Facebook in implementing safeguards against adult-minor interactions.

Criticism of Meta’s Response

Credit: California, United States. Oct 28, 2021: Meta, Facebook rebrand concept. Meta Logo. Transition and change to metaverse — Photo by joaoserafim

New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez condemns Meta for ignoring employee concerns and delaying responses to platform issues. He emphasizes the severity of the situation in his statement.

Meta’s Defense

Credit: Kazan, Russia – Oct 28, 2021: Facebook changes its name to Meta. Smartphone with Facebook logo on the background of Meta logo. — Photo by stLegat

Meta argues that its platforms aim for safe, age-appropriate experiences for teens. The company asserts its long-standing commitment to child safety, despite allegations to the contrary.

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Meta’s Efforts and Legal Obligations

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Meta highlights its use of sophisticated technology and expertise in child safety. The company also fulfills its legal duty to report CSAM, contributing significantly to national reports.

Proactive Measures by Meta

Credit: Menlo Park, California, USA. January 9, 2022. Editorial Use Only, 3D CGI. Meta Signage Logo on Top of Glass Building. Metaverse Workplace Technology Service Company High-rise Office Headquarters. — Photo by askarimullin

Meta has announced plans to restrict content unsuitable for teenagers. These upcoming changes aim to create a safer online environment and prevent exposure to sensitive content.

Upcoming Senate Testimony

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Mark Zuckerberg, along with other social media CEOs, is scheduled to testify before the U.S. Senate about child safety. This event marks a significant moment for accountability in social media practices.

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