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Mexico Calls for Probe Regarding US Military Weapons by Drug Cartels

Mexico is calling for an immediate investigation into the influx of U.S. military-grade weapons found with Mexican drug cartels.

The country’s top diplomat expressed serious concerns about this issue on Monday.

Advanced Weaponry in Cartels’ Hands

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Mexican authorities are increasingly discovering high-grade weapons like belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades.

These weapons, not sold for civilian use in the U.S., are appearing in the arsenals of Mexican drug cartels.

 Mexico’s Appeal to the United States

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Foreign Relations Secretary Alicia Bárcena highlighted the urgency of the matter.

She stressed the need for the United States to investigate the origin of these exclusive military weapons entering Mexico.

Significant Seizures by Mexican Army

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Since late 2018, the Mexican army has confiscated an alarming number of military-grade weapons from cartels.

This includes 221 automatic machine guns, 56 grenade launchers, and several rocket launchers.

Challenge for Mexico’s Security Forces

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The U.S. weaponry in cartels’ possession presents a unique challenge for Mexico’s security apparatus.

Cartels are not only using these weapons but also employing armored vehicles and bomb-dropping drones.

 Specific Cases of Weapon Seizures

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Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval reported the seizure of rocket launchers from various cartels, including the Jalisco New Generation and Sinaloa cartels.

However, he did not confirm these weapons’ origins from U.S. military stockpiles.

Awaiting U.S. Government’s Response

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The U.S. government has not yet responded to these findings.

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico was expected to address the media regarding this matter.

Cartels Outclassing Law Enforcement

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While Mexican military branches maintain superior firepower, the cartels’ advanced weaponry often surpasses the capabilities of other law enforcement agencies in Mexico.

Mexico’s Legal Actions Against U.S. Gun Policies

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Mexico has been grappling with the issue of U.S.-permitted semi-automatic rifles being smuggled into the country.

The Mexican government has taken legal steps against U.S. arms manufacturers and gun shops, citing their contribution to violence in Mexico.

Proposed U.S. Sanctions on Migrant Transport

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In recent talks with U.S. officials, Bárcena revealed plans for U.S. sanctions against transportation companies aiding irregular migrant movement.

The U.S. expects Mexico to implement similar measures.

Mexico’s Concerns Over Unilateral U.S. Actions

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Bárcena expressed Mexico’s desire to avoid unilateral actions by the U.S. She mentioned that Mexico’s Interior Department plans to engage with local transportation companies on this issue.

Enhancements to U.S. Asylum Application Process

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Mexico is advocating for changes to the U.S. CBP One mobile application used by asylum-seekers.

Bárcena suggested expanding the app’s coverage to facilitate appointments from locations further south, aiming to prevent overcrowding at northern Mexican border cities.

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