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Miami Heat: Trump’s Aides Sweat Bullets Over Potential Disaster at Courthouse Protest!

A Rally on the Brink of Disaster

Hold on to your MAGA hats, folks! A little bird from inside Trump’s team has spilled the beans to the Daily Beast that Tuesday’s rally at the Miami courthouse could spell total mayhem! An anonymous Trump aide, with his voice trembling, said, “Inside of this event, there is going to be a disaster.” Whoa, sounds like someone’s getting cold feet, right? And that’s not all – he went on to say, “There are going to be people that come out that don’t want to be peaceful.” Yikes!

Unlikely Rally Masters

The rally outside the US District Court is the brainchild of Trump’s buddy, Roger Stone, and firebrand right-wing influencer Laura Loomer. Seems like the Trump team is a tad nervous about this dynamic duo! As one of the veteran advisers to the ex-prez remarked with a heavy sigh, “When have they had a good idea?”

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The Man of the Hour

Trump, our favorite 76-year-old political fighter, is expected to plead not guilty to a whopping 37 felony counts related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents. A Trump supporter, seen outside the courthouse decked out in Trump gear, gave a confident thumbs up! Oh, and don’t miss the juicy pics of members of law enforcement riding past the courthouse in riot gear. Tensions are high!

The ‘Peaceful’ Invitation

Laura Loomer, with her massive Twitter following of 413,000 and self-proclaimed investigative journalist status, has called for a Trump-themed wardrobe! The invite list includes “Trump flags, Trump shirts, Trump hats, Trump signs, bullhorns, and your love of President Trump.” She’s all about peace, though. Her tweet screams, “PEACEFUL, CIVIL, and LAWFUL!” But will the crowd heed her call?

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Trump Indictment Drama Unfolds

Credits: DepositPhotos

Trump’s dealing with a bombshell indictment. He allegedly kept hundreds of classified documents after leaving office, and federal prosecutors aren’t letting this one slide. Even the 45th president’s own bedroom wasn’t off-limits to these documents! This is Trump’s second indictment since leaving office and the first time in US history a former president has faced federal charges. How’s that for making history?

Trump Supporters Stand Their Ground

Talk among Trump’s loyal base is heating up, with some even hinting at a “war phase.” Yowza! With a wave of supporters already gathering outside Trump’s resort in Doral, Florida, it’s clear that Team Trump isn’t going down without a fight!

Trump’s Message to His Supporters

In an interview, Trump avoided discussing Loomer’s Miami rally specifically, but he did encourage his supporters to make some noise. “We need strength in our country now,” Trump said, his voice booming with determination. “Everyone is afraid to do anything … they have to go out, and they have to protest peacefully.” 

So, what do you think, folks? Is this rally heading for disaster, or will it be a peaceful show of support for the former president? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts, and let’s keep this conversation going!

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