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Michael Cohen Criticizes GOP’s Potential Nomination of Trump

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney for Donald Trump, expressed strong criticism of the Republican Party’s potential nomination of former President Donald Trump for the upcoming presidential election. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” Cohen discussed his views on the indictments against Trump and the party’s continued support for his candidacy.

Cohen pointed out that the multiple indictments against Trump should raise doubts among voters about his suitability for the presidency. He emphasized that the allegations outlined in the indictments, supported by documentary evidence and testimony, should be considered as significant factors when evaluating Trump’s candidacy.

Despite facing a series of legal challenges, Cohen noted that Trump remains the leading Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Cohen found it puzzling that multiple indictments have not dissuaded some voters from supporting Trump’s potential bid for the presidency once again.

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Cohen questioned the reasoning behind this continued support, asking whether voters are “gullible” or “stupid” for following Trump into what he referred to as the “dumpster fire of the cult of Donald J. Trump.” He expressed skepticism about the benefits that supporters of Trump’s candidacy would receive from their loyalty to him, asserting that they ultimately gain “absolutely nothing.”

Cohen’s remarks reflect his strong disapproval of the possibility of Trump’s nomination and his belief that voters should carefully consider the legal challenges facing the former president before supporting his candidacy in the 2024 election.

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