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Michael Cohen Criticizes Trump’s “Stupid Strategy” Involving His Children

Michael Cohen, a former personal attorney and fixer to Donald Trump, criticized the former president’s approach of relying on his children’s testimony in the ongoing New York civil fraud trial. Cohen argued that rather than protecting his children, Trump’s strategy of involving them in the trial puts them at risk of falling into perjury traps. He cited instances where he believed Trump Jr. and Eric Trump had lied under oath, emphasizing that their statements could be considered perjury. Cohen also pointed out Ivanka Trump’s repeated claims of not recalling certain facts during her testimony.

Trump’s Children and Perjury Traps:

Cohen expressed concern for Trump’s children, highlighting that their involvement in the trial could potentially lead to perjury charges. He criticized Donald Trump Jr.’s description of himself as a “broker” on the stand, considering it a lie. Cohen also accused Eric Trump of perjury due to his claim of being responsible for concrete pouring within the Trump Organization. Additionally, Cohen noted Ivanka Trump’s repeated inability to recall certain details during her testimony, likening it to claims made about Joe Biden’s cognition.

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Trump’s Strategy Questioned:

Cohen questioned Trump’s strategy of using his children’s testimony to benefit himself. As a parent, one would expect Trump to prioritize protecting his children rather than exposing them to potential legal scrutiny. Cohen expressed confusion over the decision to involve them in the trial and failed to comprehend the overall strategy behind it.


Michael Cohen criticized Donald Trump for his “stupid strategy” of involving his children in the New York civil fraud trial. Cohen contended that Trump’s approach put his children at risk of falling into perjury traps, citing instances where he believed they had lied under oath. Cohen questioned the logic behind Trump’s decision, as protecting his children should logically take precedence over any potential benefit to himself. Cohen’s remarks highlight his concerns regarding Trump’s legal strategy and the potential consequences it could have for his children.

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