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Michigan Progressives Call for Biden Boycott in Primary Amid Gaza Conflict

Progressive groups and Arab American organizations in Michigan are rallying against President Biden’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war. 

Their campaign aims to influence the state’s primary to reflect their dissatisfaction.

Mobilizing Against Biden

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A concerted effort is in place to encourage Democrats to select “uncommitted” in the upcoming primary on February 27. 

This movement seeks to challenge Biden’s re-election bid.

The Abandon Biden Initiative

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Originating in October, the Abandon Biden campaign has gained momentum, advocating for voters in swing states to withhold their support due to Biden’s Middle East policies. 

This reflects a significant shift in his potential voter base.

Support from Our Revolution

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Our Revolution has joined the Abandon Biden effort, advising voters against committing to Biden or Trump. 

This partnership underscores the depth of frustration with Biden’s foreign policy stance.

Deepening Frustrations

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Arab Americans’ anger towards the White House has intensified due to Biden’s unwavering support for Israel during the conflict. 

This disillusionment threatens Biden’s coalition of voters essential for his re-election.

The Irreparable Rift

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Hassan Abdel Salam from the Abandon Biden National Coalition has stated that Biden’s actions have made his support among them irrecoverable. 

Salam’s remarks highlight a profound sense of betrayal within the community.

National Coalition’s Strategy

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The movement aims to affect Biden’s primary support in crucial battleground states, including Michigan, by empowering pro-Palestine Americans. 

This strategy emphasizes the power of the ballot box as a form of protest.

White House Engagement Efforts

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Attempts by the White House to engage with Arab American groups in Michigan have been mainly unsuccessful. 

Biden’s lack of direct engagement during his Michigan visit further alienated many community members.

Choosing “Uncommitted”

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Our Revolution encourages Michiganders to select an “uncommitted” option on their primary ballots as a sign of protest. 

This approach seeks to send a clear message to the administration.

Lack of Significant Movement

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Joseph Geevarghese, executive director of Our Revolution, expressed disappointment over the lack of substantive action from the Biden administration. 

The group’s decision to push for an “uncommitted” vote is seen as a wake-up call.

Andy Levin’s Involvement

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Former Michigan Rep. Andy Levin is collaborating with Our Revolution on this initiative, highlighting its significance. 

Bernie Sanders, however, has distanced himself from this approach, reaffirming his support for Biden.

The Challenge of No Credible Challenger

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Without a significant contender in the Democratic primary to push progressive priorities, activists feel compelled to find alternative methods to capture the administration’s attention. 

This underscores the unique challenges faced by the movement.

Desired Actions from Biden

Credit: DepositPhotos – KIEV, UKRAINE – Dec 08, 2015: Vice president of USA Joseph Biden during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kiev

Our Revolution seeks an immediate cease-fire and substantive measures from Biden to address the conflict. 

This includes using all available tools to influence Israel’s military actions.

Biden’s Stance and Voter Concerns

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Despite Biden’s firm support for Israel, he has urged for more targeted actions to protect civilian lives. 

However, his stance has done little to quell the fears of a humanitarian crisis or to regain the trust of disillusioned voters.

The Road to November

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As the Michigan Democratic Party and the Biden campaign recognize the importance of every voter demographic, efforts continue to expand the coalition before the general election. 

The situation underscores the critical role Michigan voters will play in the upcoming election and the importance of addressing their concerns to ensure unity against the opposition.

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